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EverQuest Progression Server
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EverQuest has stood the test of time, yet people long for the nostalgia of how it was before. It has been twenty years, after all. The answer to that demand comes in the form of an EverQuest Progression Server. This article will detail what they are and how they are different from the official servers.

What are EverQuest Progression Servers?

Progression Servers are servers where you can experience the growth and expansion of the game starting from an earlier time. Unlike classic servers bound to the content of old, EQ’s Progression Servers can reach the current updates. These update either after some time has passed, or through a vote and some other criteria.

What’s more, while content stays true to its past incarnation, some quality of life improvements are effective in PSs. Examples include a more customizable UI, updated geometries for locations, and augmentations to bridge the gap between casters and melee fighters. Items also don’t drop upon death, which is something only added later. It’s the convenient but classic EverQuest experience.

There are eight progression servers currently active at the time of writing. They differ in how and when they update, and how fast players gain experience. Some are locked into a certain era of updates, others will keep on updating. The eight servers (listed by newest to oldest) are Selo, Mangler, Coirnav, Agnarr, Phinigel, Lockjaw, Ragefire, and Fippy Darkpaw.

Take note that you need an All Access Membership to play on these servers.

Types of EverQuest Progression Servers

True Box Timelocked Progression Servers allow one instance of the game to run on a single computer. They facilitate socialization and playing with friends rather than forming a group with alternate characters. Selo, Mangler, Coirnav, and Phinigel are part of this category. They update after some time has passed, though the length differs among servers. Selo updates every month, Mangler and Coirnav after three months, and Phinigel after two to three months.

Plains of Power Era Locked Progression Server means the server won’t go beyond the indicated era of updates. Agnarr is the only server in this category and has since reached the mentioned patch. It is locked from further content additions.

True Box Voting Timelocked Progression Servers work the same as Timelocked ones. The difference is players have to vote for the update after all raid bosses are defeated. If players refuse it, they are asked again after some time has passed. Lockjaw, Ragefire, and Fippy Darkpaw are in this category.

Player Progression

Each server also has different EXP rates for players. There’s Fast (Selo) which lets you breeze through levels faster than usual. Then there’s Live (Fippy Darkpaw) that’s closest to original servers. Progression (Agnarr, Lockjaw, Ragefire, Mangler) is slower than the two above but still decent. Classic (Coirnav, Phinigel) has the slowest rate, letting players enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

More Notes

You can’t transfer existing characters to Progression Servers (live to PS). You may transfer characters from a PS into a live server, but not to other PSs. There’s only one exception, players may transfer characters from Lockjaw to Ragefire.

Some classes and races will unlock when the relevant expansion gets added to the server. Be patient or look for one that already has that content.

There may be more rules specific to each server, so take the time to figure out which one you will enjoy the most. It’s a great way to enjoy what EverQuest was back in its heyday, and how it grew to what it is now. When the relevant expansions get added, you may receive old event items since discontinued. Otherwise, you can have the opportunity to participate in previous events.

Continue enjoying EverQuest!

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