The Fastest Way to Level Up in Overwatch

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Whether you’re a new player looking to jump into ranked, or an experienced player just looking for some more loot boxes or a cool border, there’s always a reason to level up in Overwatch. But some ways are faster than others to get you to that shiny new border. So what’s the Fastest Way to Level Up in Overwatch? Let’s find out.

What’s the secret to more experience?

Not all game modes give the same experience. However, playing the ones that give the most experience may not be the best decision. The base experience, according to the wiki, is 211.5 experience per minute, or approximately 3.5 experience per second. This is what you will receive in Quick Play. Competitive gives 115% of this experience, while Practice vs. AI gives 90% experience, and Arcade mode gives vastly different experience based on play time.

So what’s the secret to earning more experience? Well, there are a variety of ways you can maximize the experience that you earn, but the biggest secret is to just play a ton of Overwatch. No game mode will be vastly different for the experience you earn, as long as you grind out your games religiously. That said, you’re not here for ‘play the game,’ so let’s get into the smaller tidbits on how to min-max your experience rate.

Why should I play in a group?

Playing in a group is the easiest way to manipulate your experience per hour, without doing anything differently from how you’d normally play. Overwatch has a group play system that awards more experience simply for having joined a game as part of a group. You will get a flat 20% experience bonus as long as you joined a game with at least one other player. Even if they leave, you will still earn the bonus at the end. Obviously, this is done to promote people asking their friends to play, but hey, if it gets you more experience!

What times should I play?

There are two different bonuses to experience based on when you play. The first is the First Win of the Day bonus that you get for, well, your first win of the day. It’s a pretty huge bonus, giving you 1500 experience, which is the equivalent of a couple of games without the bonus. Although obviously, you have to win, so it could take a few games.

The second bonus is from playing consecutive games. In order to ensure this consecutive bonus, you have to wait until the end of the post-game lobby and be automatically placed into the next game. The consecutive bonus is only 300 experience, but you can get it as many times as you want per day, apart from your first game.

This means that there are two ways to go about earning experience efficiently. Either play only enough games to get your first win of the day bonus, or play many games in a row without stopping. Playing a few games a day with breaks in between is extremely inefficient experience wise.

Which game mode should I play?

With all of the stuff we’ve discussed so far, you may be wondering “so which game mode is best to play?” Well, there are many different answers to that. The biggest thing it will come down to is to play the mode you like best since you will be able to play longer without burnout. However, that’s not the statistically correct answer.


From base numbers alone, playing Competitive with a friend would seem to be the most efficient. You’d get the 115% modifier and 20% bonus. However, in practice, this isn’t the case. You may get a big bonus for your first game, but you’ll miss out on the consecutive game bonus, and there’s typically a lot longer between games where you’re not actively playing and racking up experience. There are also the issues of burnout and difficulty getting a group together for the group play bonus.

Arcade 3v3

Arcade 3v3 might be the fastest possible way to earn experience… IF you can win all your games. There’s a 500 experience bonus for winning, so if you and two buddies are gods at Overwatch, you can earn a ton of experience. Crush your opponents in three minutes (because if you take less time than that you don’t get the bonus for winning), get 300 experience for consecutive games and 500 experience for winning, and repeat. The time between games will be long and you won’t get anywhere near the same experience for playing that other modes would, but the bonus experience at the end will more than make up for it if you’re consistently winning.

Arcade Anything Else

Arcade is an odd game mode because it has many different types of play and the experience earned varies greatly. I’ve heard some people promoting Total Mayhem simply because of the amount of time you stay in-game for pure experience earning. That said, the experience you earn will be far more inconsistent and harder to gauge than any other mode, making it very difficult for me to promote the mode as a whole.

Coop vs. AI

While this is probably the most boring method, it’s also the easiest and likely most consistent. Since you can earn the consecutive game and win bonus experience here as well, just play with a few buddies and smash the easy bots over and over. You get far less experience for actually playing, and the game times will be longer so it won’t be as efficient as smashing 3v3s, but it will be far more easy/consistent. If you want to mindlessly grind then Coop vs. AI with some buddies is a great method.

Quick Play

Quick Play is the unranked version of Overwatch. It’s a fun game mode that emulates Competitive without the stress or long queue times. You can also get consecutive game bonuses and earn normal rates of experience for your time in-game. It will be easy to find people to play with, and grinding out games will be far less boring than any other game mode. All-in-all, I would recommend Quick Play as the best mode to grind for anyone who wants to still have fun while earning their experience!

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