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Is getting into Final Fantasy XIV difficult?

ffxiv difficult
By | September 15th, 2019 | Categories: FFXIV, Others

Final Fantasy XIV is often perceived as a game that has an inherently deep learning curve paired with all sorts of intricate classes, items, and whatnot. Because of this, people often see the game as a smorgasbord of complexities that they’d rather not get involved with. Is this assumption true or is the game actually hard for new players to get into? The game’s been around for a while—about six years now. As a beginner, where do you even start? With the endless procession of missions, dungeons, and just recently a new expansion coming in, everything adds up to a daunting list that screams a big “NO”. So is it too late get into FFXIV this late in the game? Will it be hard for new players? We’ll get to the bottom of this and more!

The story: Easy-to-follow or complicated?

The story isn’t necessarily great, but it’s alright. The first segment of the story can be seen as a noticeable slog. However, the long process of the story quests actually makes it better for beginners who have little to no experience with MMOs. The slow burn of the main campaign builds up to great heights and features some of the most compelling allies and nefarious villains in all of the Final Fantasy games. This gives you enough leeway to get used to the combat and gameplay before moving over to the good stuff. As you get into the expansions soon after, everything improves by leaps and bounds—story-wise and quest-wise. If you find the story overwhelming, then you can buy yourself some level and story content skips from Square Enix. That way you can decide when you want to jump in and how strong you’ll be in certain sequences of the story.

Are FFXIV’s mechanics too difficult to play?

Mechanics-wise, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t really too different from other MMOs. You get the usual stuff that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve played other MMO titles. Tab targeting, global cooldowns, standard gearing—those are what you’ll be met with when playing FFXIV. Everything is quite fun to dive into and it’s mostly linear, making it easy to get into.

The mechanics of the game is designed in such a way that beginners to the genre can easily transition into it. Final Fantasy has had this reputation over the years of slowly introducing you their gameplay, and Final Fantasy XIV is no different. The game is very kind to new players, giving buffs and first-time bonuses. Not having fun even when you’re winning? Switch to a new job! Bored of raiding? Then continue your story quests! Final Fantasy XIV is a forgiving game that lets players indulge in whatever they want—and this is why so many people are easily hooked to it!

What is the FFXIV community like?

The player base of Final Fantasy XIV isn’t perfect; no community ever is. But FFXIV’s community is one of the most welcoming online communities there is. If you’re a newbie, it is like a veritable fountain of knowledge as veterans are especially willing to help out. Thanks to the mentor system, there are designated players that are willing to assist new players and answer their questions.


Final Fantasy XIV is a great game that practically anyone can play. It is one of the most player-friendly MMORPGs that you can either play casually or intensively. With a good story, easy-to-learn mechanics, and a friendly community, you’ve got yourself a must-try game. Besides, there are plenty of FFXIV beginner’s guides for you to check out. If you’re still on the fence about getting FFXIV due to its monthly subscription and paid expansions, there’s a free trial you can download to test the waters. While you can play only up to level 35, it should be more than enough for you to feel out all the jobs you’re interested in and experience the story, boss fights, and raids for yourself.

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