FFXIV Retainers: Great Adventuring Partners

FFXIV Retainers
By | February 12th, 2020 | Categories: FFXIV, Others

The FFXIV Retainers are one of the most useful NPCs in Final Fantasy. They were first introduced in the A Realm Reborn expansion and to this very day, they still provide players a safe haven for their valuables. While some may summarily dismiss them as mere walking storage boxes/banks, the truth is that they’re so much more than that. Retainers can also have jobs that can be beneficial too! They can help you maximize your profits and earn tons of Gil—even when you’re not online. Here, we’ll show you the many capabilities of these NPCs, discuss why they’re important, uncover how you can unlock them, and so much more!

What do Retainers do in FFXIV?

Retainers are NPCs that you can interact with to store your items and Gil before venturing off on your adventures. With a storage capacity of 175 items, they can surely take the burden of carrying your baggage—no matter how heavy.  As you progress through the game, you’ll experience just how Retainers can be useful, especially when you nurture them into companions. Besides being used to hold your money and items, you can also let them sell items that you don’t need. This is of great use since you can earn money even when you’re away; simply pick which items you want to sell in the market and they’ll do all the work for you!

For customization, you can combine any race and/or gender together for your Retainer—you can even give them personalities! The type of personality you give to your Retainer(s) will dictate what they’ll say whenever you summon or dismiss them.

There are six personalities that you can choose from: polite, rough, serious, carefree, independent, and lively.

How much do Retainers cost in FFXIV?

The first two retainers that you hire are free. If you plan to add more Retainers, it’s going to cost you real money. Thanks to a patch update for FFXIV that was released in March 2014, you are allowed to purchase up to two additional retainers for your characters for $2 a month along with your monthly subscription fee. These extra Retainers can be used for all of your characters, not just one! If you no longer have a use for these paid retainers, you can simply cancel your monthly fee. This won’t delete them completely, but will merely make them inaccessible until you pay the $2 fee again.

How do I get a Retainer in FFXIV?

To get your own Retainer, you must first head on over to the Retainer Vocate located near a market board in any of the main cities you choose to visit. From there, you can create your personal Retainer. But before you’re authorized to have Retainers in the A Realm Reborn expansion, you must first join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. You can summon your Retainers at any given time (as long as you’re in a safe zone) by using the Retainer Bell. You can also install a Retainer Bell in your houses to make the chore of sorting your inventory a much easier one.


FFXIV Retainers are great partners to have, especially if you happen to have a lot on your plate. They can sort your inventory, sell your items in the market, and even farm some Gil for you. The extra layer of depth in terms of customizing your Retainers’ the looks and personalities is a nice touch as well. If you don’t have one yet, we highly recommend you go to the nearest Retainer Vocate and get yourself a Retainer or two!

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