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The 5 Best Songs in the FFXIV Soundtrack
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Final Fantasy XIV has had a deathly-loyal cult following since its release. Deviating itself from other Final Fantasy games, it instead embraces a more open world style of gameplay. There’s not a lot of chatter going on about this game, and it’s probably because of its monthly subscription which immediately turns other players off. But don’t judge it too quickly, because FFXIV is in fact a great game! The game already has three expansions under its belt: Heavensward, Stormblood, and the newest addition to the family, the Shadowbringers expansion. Shadowbringers, notably, is considered to be the best out of all the three.

What ties in a Final Fantasy game together is the music. Composers such as Nobuo Uematsu are iconic in the video game music industry, with creations like “One-Winged Angel” for FF7 and the whole sound selection for Final Fantasy VI (FF3 in the US). But what about FFXIV? Does it get the same sound treatment as the other FF games? Find out as we’ve hand-picked five songs that we consider to be the best in the whole FFXIV soundtrack!

1. Susanoo’s Theme

In Japanese mythology, Susanoo is known as the god of the sea and storms. This is depicted accurately in FFXIV. He wields a Totsuka-no-Tsurugi that can easily wipe an entire team out. Apart from that, he’s the first primal in the Stormblood expansion, so you can expect that taking him down is no easy task. His theme is one of the most unique out of all the boss battles, as it is merely instrumental. Susanoo’s theme starts off with a Japanese festival ring, complete with taiko drums accompanying the flute. The shamisen is a nice touch as well, giving it a more Japanese-ey feel. For the second phase of the battle, the tone changes drastically as it opts for an orchestra instead, with the final phase of the battle blending the two styles together in a stirring symphony like no other.

2. FFXIV x MHW Rathalos Theme

Remember that time when Square Enix collaborated with Capcom to have the Rathalos as part of their boss battles? We sure do! For those of you who don’t know, the Rathalos is one of the most well-known monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise. The interplay between both styles brings forth a unique soundtrack that will surely keep you hyped up during the battle. In the middle of the theme, you’ll even be able to hear the infamous Monster Hunter opening theme as the trumpets go full blast!

3. Titania’s Theme (What Angel Wakes Me)

Titania is the queen of fairies that’s heavily influenced by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of William Shakespeare’s most notable plays. This level 73 boss is unlike any other, thanks to her playful quips like “This is so much fun! Let’s play some more!” while swiftly annihilating your team. Her theme has a more playful tone to it compared to the orchestral music that we’ve grown accustomed to in Final Fantasy. This is can be heard particularly in the vocals and what the lyrics evoke. Titania’s theme is a welcome change that’ll leave you with light-hearted giggles when faced with her awesome prowess!

4. Sephirot’s Theme

Not to be confused with the Final Fantasy VII’s infamous antagonist, Sephirot is one of the three bosses that you will need to face before finally confronting Kefka. The first phase of the theme sets off with the usual antagonistic music that’ll make you feel as if you’re up against perilous foe. But the second theme is where things start to turn even better. Just when you thought it was over, Sephirot transforms into a larger version of himself! The music takes a 180 degree turns and suddenly everything has a rock and roll/techno vibe. Overall, if you’re a fan of the Devil May Cry series, then you’ll be in for a treat once you hear this smashing theme!

5. Shiva’s Theme

Shiva may be known as the Lady of Frost in FFXIV but is, in actuality, a Hindu god. Her theme is probably one of the most well-loved themes in the entirety of the FFXIV soundtrack, and it’s easy to see why! The mix of two different genres makes for awesome music. While the first part of the theme might make you think she isn’t anything special, her “snappening” that brings in the next song will leave you with awe. The second phase is heavily j-rock (Japanese rock) inspired, and it feels like you’re listening to an anime opening. Shiva’s theme will make your knees buckle not just because of how well it fits the battle, but also because of its flawless execution and invaluable accompaniment that it brings.

Final Thoughts

Masayoshi Soken, the man behind the soundtracks of FFXIV, definitely has his work cut out for him. The soundtrack is another integral part that can either make or break the game. In 2017, Final Fantasy XIV was not just awarded with one, but two Guinness World Records! The first award was for having the longest credits in an MMO game, and the other was for having the most original works of music in a video game. The people behind FFXIV are passionate about what they’re doing, and you can definitely tell by how the intricately crafted music seamlessly weaves itself into the game!

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