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It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s searching high and low, hoping to find all the hidden Easter Eggs before anyone else. We’re not talking about any eggs left by the Easter Bunny, though – we’re talking about GTA V Easter Eggs. In keeping with a time-honored tradition in among video game developers, Rockstar has filled GTA V with tons of hidden secrets and esoteric references, referred to among gamers as ‘Easter Eggs.’ Fortunately for you, we’ve tracked some of the best ones down already, so you don’t have to go searching around for hours to find them all like you used to as a kid on Easter morning. So, grab your Easter basket and come with us to collect some GTA V Easter Eggs!

1 – The Ghost of Mount Gordo

Although we’re dealing with Easter Eggs, the one we’re going to start with might be better suited for Halloween. This spooky and supernatural Easter Egg is sure to send a shiver down your spine and make you wonder if there’s more to Los Santos than meets the eye.

The Easter Egg we’re referring to is the Ghost of Mount Gordo. If you go to Mount Gordo (North of the El Gordo Lighthouse in the Northeastern part of the map) you’ll find a spectral woman floating near the edge of a cliff from 23:00 to 00:00 every night. You’ll have to keep your distance, though, because she’ll disappear if you get too close. After she does leave, though, a ghostly message remains, written in blood: “JOCK.” Could this be some kind of clue from the beyond? Apparently, yes. According to the Letter Scraps collectibles, this is the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, the wife of Jock Cranley. Jock is a renowned stuntman and current gubernatorial candidate of San Andreas. Jock is also suspected of pushing his wife off a cliff. So, if you’re easily spooked, then you might want to avoid this area at night!

2 – Bigfoot

That’s right, old Sasquatch himself has a cameo in GTA V. During the mission “Predator,” you’ll eventually find yourself in a helicopter above a wooded area where you need to shoot three enemies that Trevor needs killed. While you’re there, though, flip on your infrared sights and have a peek around the forest. Toward the bottom right of your field of vision, you’ll see a rather robust figure. Toggling off infrared reveals this figure to be a large humanoid covered in brown fur, partially concealed by a tree. You can’t get a completely clear picture of him (as is often the case with bigfoot when he’s photographed in real life), but you know what you saw! A caveat is that if you must avoid sighting in on bigfoot directly, or he’ll disappear. Just keep your crosshair close to, but not on, the mysterious figure.

Another directly related Easter Egg involves eating special Golden Peyote plants and actually turning into Sasquatch yourself! If I had an opportunity to become Bigfoot, then I’d probably casually go to the mall or something so people could stop freaking out over whether I was real.

3 –The Playboy Mansion

This Easter Egg is for adults only! There’s a mansion in the Richman neighborhood of Los Santos that is just about an inch-for-inch replica of the real Playboy mansion. Recognizable features include the luxurious back patio, the bar, and the grotto. Also, like it’s real-life counterpart, this mansion in Richman features wild parties at night, with a guest list of rich, older men and scantily clad women. By morning, people begin to take off for home.

4 – Goatman

Here’s another creepy Easter Egg for you, the Ghost of Mount Gordo didn’t already get your goat. The Goatman is based on a real life myth based on a horned biped said to attack people in the mountainous areas of the United States. In GTA V, the Goatman has only been spotted a couple of times, with only one of those times being universally accepted as a confirmed sighting. Still, you might have a chance if you go to the trestle bridge in Catfish View at night without any light sources active. If the goat man does emerge, he usually only allows you to view him briefly before he disappears under the bridge and into the ocean. This is one of the stranger Easter Eggs in GTA V, as you can’t be guaranteed to find it, making it more akin to a real life paranormal myth.

5 – The Vinewood Zombie

Despite the name of this Easter Egg, it’s actually not one of the scary ones. If you go wander around Vinewood, then you might encounter this ghoul hanging around on one of the corners near a movie theater. Although he looks just like any other brain munching undead, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. You can hang around him for a while and enjoy his lines.

Other zombie references in the game include moving Michael’s head from side to side during the mission ‘Dead Man Walking,’ which will cause the coroner to exclaim “He’s reanimating!” Reanimation is the name typically given to the process of a dead person coming back as a zombie in most zombie media. You can also find mentions of Zombrex in a Weazel News story. Zombrez is an immunization against the zombie virus in the game Dead Rising.


We hope you enjoyed this installment of GTA V Easter Eggs! This is a huge game with a near-bottomless assortment of hidden secrets, activities, and pop culture references. There are far too many to cover in just one article, so maybe we’ll be back with more? Until then, go out and hunt down these Easter Eggs, and make your GTA V experience just that much weirder!

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