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GTAV Arcades
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  • Everything that you need to know about GTA V Arcades
  • Why you need to purchase one and how much they will cost you
  • Which Arcade should you be buying

Even after such a long time after launch, Rockstar Games continues to add fresh new content to its online segment of the game. One such introduction has seen the option of players purchasing GTA V Arcades as an option, and they actually play an important role in a particular part of the online experience.

What are GTA V Arcades they and what are they needed for?

The introduction of the arcades gives retro gaming fans of the Rockstar universe the chance to have their very own arcade. In a similar fashion to other businesses that are available to purchase, they offer a new source of income to the player. You can also upgrade your GTA V Arcades to introduce new games which you can play in-game, serving as mini-games for your character to enjoy.

There are plenty of games to choose from too. There’s everything from love-testers, seemingly fixed claw grabbing machines, to racing games and the Golden Axe-esque Wizard’s Ruin for you to check out, and much more. There’s also a bar area for you to serve free drinks to your associates at, and a jukebox to play your favourite tunes. Just be careful with the Macbeth Whiskey!

Besides providing a whole new level of entertainment for yourself and your friends in the vast GTA Online, the arcades do serve a rather vital purpose. Not too long ago, we saw the introduction of a Casino in Los Santos, which many believed would eventually play host to another heist. Players who thought so would be correct, as a daring heist was proposed to players involving robbing the Casino by either brute force, complete stealth or under the radar as ‘The Big Con.’ In order to participate in this heist, you will need to purchase one of the GTA V Arcades on offer to serve as a front for your operations in planning such a daring heist.

How do you get a GTA V Arcade?

Buying GTA V Arcades Online is as easy as buying other properties. Before you simply head online and purchase one though, you will need to head over to Mirror Park to speak to Lester when prompted to do so. After this, head to Maze Bank Foreclosures on your phone and choose one of the properties available. Remember, these properties will not show up until you have spoken to Lester, so make sure to do this first.

The choices of arcades available to you and prices are as follows:

  • Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay – $1,235,000
  • Wonderama in Grapeseed – $1,565,000
  • Videogeddon in La Mesa – $1,875,000
  • Warehouse in Davis – $2,135,000
  • Insert Coin in Rockford Hills – $2,345,000
  • Eight-Bit in Vinewood – $2,530,000

If you happen to have Twitch Prime, then you are able to redeem the Pixel Pete’s property for free, which is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Are Arcades worth getting in GTA V?

Besides the fact that they are a requirement for the Casino heist, there are other reasons as to why you might purchase an arcade in GTA Online. It will set you back a fair amount of in-game cash to upgrade your property, but the games that you can purchase for it offer yet another reason for you to sink time into GTA V.

Rockstar Games has been persistent in providing new experiences over the years to keep GTA Online fresh, and the arcades have proven to be yet another way of doing so. The games that can be installed play homage to a number of classic series from days gone by. For example, Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad is your classic side-scrolling space shooter, whilst the Race and Chase titles Street Legal and Crotch Rockets will take you back in time to the likes of Outrun and Hang-on respectively. Badlands Revenge II is another game I’d recommend, presenting a side-scrolling target shooter that can prove to be very addictive.

Overall, there are 14 different machines for you to choose from, which is plenty to be getting on with, considering it is an arcade simulation within an online title filled with so many possibilities.

Which Arcade should you get in GTA V?

Which arcade should you get is probably the most crucial question of all that you need to ask yourself. The main difference in the prices between the properties lies around their individual locations. With that in mind, what you use the arcade for should ultimately help you decide which property you should buy.

If you are planning to use it for the Casino heist, then I would strongly recommend that you save up the extra cash to purchase Eight-Bit in Vinewood, or at least one of the more local properties to Los Santos. Throughout the setup segment of the casino heist, you are going to be doing a ton of prep for it, with many setup missions presented to you. From my own experience, the player I attempted the heist with was a Twitch Prime member, who had the free Pixel Pete’s property in Paleto Bay. What we soon found out was that a lot of the missions presented to us were based around the casino itself, which meant a lengthy commute from the starting point of the arcade from Paleto Bay each time. Whereas Eight-Bit is literally a short drive away, which although costs a hefty amount it will be priceless in the time that you save travelling.


That is everything that you need to know when it comes to GTA V Arcades. What they present is a brand-new retro gaming experience that you and your friends can enjoy, by reliving some old classics mixed with that unique Rockstar twist that we have all come to expect. Of course, there is the pressing reason to buy one for the Casino heist, which is something that you won’t want to miss out on. But even without the heist, the premise of having your own arcade is one that could arguably be the most fun out of the properties that you can own within GTA Online. Now that you have a better idea of what they entail, you are well enough equipped to head out and set new hi-scores with your friends and associates. Or even rob a casino, if it takes your fancy.

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