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A Guide to Step Up Your Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes
By | August 25th, 2017 | Categories: Others

Mobile Legends brings the MOBA scene to mobile platforms. Gameplay is similar to the kings of MOBA: DotA 2 and League of Legends, with some control changes. The core is similar, allowing players to choose and control a single character to charge toward the enemy base and destroy it. With its PvP-centric gameplay, getting an edge over enemies is a priority. So, how do you get these advantages? Here are some tips for you Mobile Legends Heroes, and to up your game.

Choose From 5 Hero’s and Dominate

There is a rotation of free heroes, but to make one permanently available, you have to buy them. The characters fall into 5 classifications, depending on their primary stats and playstyle.

  1. Tank: front liners who protect more fragile teammates. In fact, they have high HP and are hard to kill. Their abilities focus on damage mitigation and crowd control, and they have weak damage output.
  2. Fighter: physical melee attackers that can hold their ground in the front lines. They’re weaker than tanks at defense but have higher damage. Their abilities enhance their natural attack power.
  3. Assassin: physical or magical masters of burst damage. An assassin has the highest damage output of all the classifications, with the caveat of high mana costs and long cool downs.
  4. Mage: magical attackers who stay back and chip away the HP of enemies. Their attacks rely on the character’s magic power.
  5. Marksman: physical ranged attackers with decent damage-dealing abilities. A good strategy for these heroes is to kite melee heroes by attacking them, and to run back when getting chased.
  6. Support: heroes who help their team perform their best. Their abilities don’t do much damage, but they can heal teammates and slow or stun enemies.

High DPS (damage per second) heroes are the Fighters and mages, while Assassins are good for burst. Tanks and Support heroes won’t be able to defeat enemies on their own but are essential for a good strategy to work. It all depends on what you want to play, or what the team needs. For variety, it’s possible to specialize in two or three heroes from different classifications so that you could fill a role that’s missing from the team.

Check Emblems

Always check your emblem sets before a battle. Don’t ignore the bonuses gained from emblem sets. If these aren’t leveled up, you’re missing out on major bonuses that can boost your hero’s abilities, which will take battle points, but it’s worth it. Focus on the emblems that will boost the hero or heroes that you often use. Avoid using your battle points on the Magic Emblem when the heroes you prefer are physical ones.

Check Abilities

Choose an ability to utilize for the battle. Every player starts out with 2, and as they grow, it increases to around 12. Any hero can use these abilities set by the player at the beginning of the battle. These skills have a variety of effects: (1) damage, (2) crowd control, (3) increasing movement speed for escape, and (4) hurrying toward teammates in distress. Choose an ability that’s a good fit for your hero because it can’t be changed once the battle starts.


Professional players were once beginners, and they became what they are now after long, continuous hours of practice. Don’t get discouraged when you lose. Use the failure to re-evaluate strategies and actions; be wiser and go harder next time. Grow at your pace. Also, remember that there will always be players who are better since they have more experience; keep that in mind when you lose so that you’re not too hard on yourself.


It’s not the end of the world if your team loses. Games are meant to entertain. Does collecting skins make you happy? Do it. Play however you want, just be polite and sportsmanlike. If you find yourself frustrated more often than not, maybe this game isn’t for you. Otherwise, perhaps you should take a break. At any rate, there’s no use playing something that you don’t enjoy, right? Have fun and don’t let the trolls bring you down. Also, don’t forget about gear, which are available at any time during a match.

Thanks for reading Mobile Legends Heroes!

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