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A Hack-and-Slash Fit for Lords: ELOA Online

By | August 2nd, 2016 | Categories: Others

Top-down hack-and-slash MMORPGs are easy to pick up. Unfortunately, a lot of them are just as easy to quit, as they can be shallow and offer nothing but grinding, making the game all about killing monsters so players can have better gear and skills, for, well, killing monsters – thus the pointless cycle goes on. Good thing there are games under the subgenre that make a distinction in important aspects such as art style and their combat system. One of those would be ELOA – Elite Lords of Alliance.

Classes and Stances

Elite Lords of Alliance, also known as ELOA, is the newest top-down hack-and-slash MMO offering from Webzen, and it brings many unique elements to the subgenre. One of those would be its art style, as it features soft and anime-like character aesthetics and vibrant fantastical backgrounds, which are a far-cry from the usual gothic-horror or Medieval visual themes of other titles in the same subgenre. Another element would be its battle system, which sets itself apart by giving each class three battle stances that they can switch to, with each one having a unique weapon.

Take for example, the Assassin class, which has katars for fast attack speed, dagger for easily chained combo skills, and the scythe for heavy AOE attacks. The other four classes, Blood Knight (tank), Sniper, Psychic (healer), and Mage, can also change weapons and stances. The Blood Knight has a Sword and Shield for defense. It also has Dual Swords for offense, and Two-Handed Swords for massive damage; Mage has Fire(staff), Ice (rod), and Nemesis magic (fan); Psychics have the Two-handed Hammer and Two-Handed Spear; for offense, and the Staff and Shield for supporting. Last but not least, there is the Sniper, which has a Bazooka for heavy attacks, Rifles for good damage, and Bows for fast attacks.

Transcendence Level and Elite Lord Mode

Aside from being able to choose class, players are able to choose between the four races: the Kartu, which is basically the game’s “humans”, the smaller and sprite-like Liru, the well-built Sapiens, and the elf-like and exclusively female Naru. Other than their relation to the lore and their looks, the selection of race is inconsequential.

Other than race, there are two more important features. First would be the transcendence level, which levels up by hitting the level cap (level 40). This allows players to level up a particular passive attribute. This gives players an incentive to continue grinding even though they’re already past the level cap. Second would be the Elite Lord mode, thus the name of the game. This mode can only be achieved by gaining 30,000 Honor Points and killing all dungeon and world bosses. Achieving this is a sign of mastery and completion of the game, and you can make everyone know that you’ve reached it by acquiring your Elite Lord skin/costume, the look of which depends on your race.

Unique, lighthearted, yet awesome graphics, an innovative and an exciting battle system, and a lot of other features that make it a noteworthy experience – Elite Lords of Alliance is definitely worth a try. If you need any help with he game, visit out ELOA page here.

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