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The Great Sky Island can be regarded as Tears of the Kingdom’s tutorial area. It’s the place to learn the ins and outs of the game, but importantly, it’s where you get to unlock Link’s new abilities. That said, the tutorial area can be a tad lengthy, especially if you’re the type who likes to inspect every nook and cranny.

The Great Sky Island is defined by its four shrines that house unique puzzles to solve. If you do solve them, you get to learn a new ability. In this guide, we’ll tell you the solutions to all these puzzles so you can finally make your way to Hyrule.

Ukuoh Shrine

Unlocked Ability: Ultrahand

The purpose of this shrine is for you to get accustomed to the Ultrahand ability, which you’ll be given immediately by Rauro upon entering. Ultrahand is basically a beefier version of Breath of the Wild’s Magnesis ability. Instead of only grabbing metallic objects, you can now connect and attach all sorts of items.

To progress, use Ultrahand to connect the boards and make a small bridge, then use that bridge to cross to the next platform. There’s also a chest on top of a pillar on the area’s right side. Once you go further in, you’ll notice there are hooks, boards, and a cable you’ll need to use to get to the end of the Shrine. Attach the hooks to the board and place your creation onto the cable to get to the next area. As soon as you place your makeshift raft on the cable, make a jump for it, as it’ll immediately start moving.

In-Isa Shrine

Unlocked Ability: Fuse

The second shrine—In-Isa Shrine—is where you’ll learn the Fuse ability. This lets you combine weapons with different objects to increase its attack power and durability. As you enter, you’ll see a Thick Stick on the ground and three boulders. Equip the Thick Stick and fuse it with one of the boulders to break the rock walls in front of you to progress further.

Once you’re in the next room, you’ll see a pillar on the left with a chest on top. You can hit the pillar with your fused weapon to drop the chest, where it’ll reward you with x5 Arrows. On the opposite side of the broken pillar, you can harvest some Fire Fruits and get an Old Wooden Bow—these are needed to solve the shrine’s puzzle.

Use the bow to fire an arrow attached to a Fire Fruit and aim it toward the wall surrounded by dried leaves. Upon doing so, the leaves will wither and drop a chest below. Open the chest to get a Small Key. Then, return to the previous room and use the Small Key to unlock the green door, where you’ll have to face an enemy. Defeat the enemy using your fused weapon to collect a Captain Construct I Horn and Construct Bow. Finally, break the rocky walls in the area using a weapon fused with a rock/boulder to make your way to the shrine and receive a Light of Blessing.

Gutanbac Shrine

Unlocked Ability: Ascend

The Ascent ability allows you to reach new heights and spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible. You don’t need a gust of wind to lift you like Revali’s Gale. Instead, Ascent lets you travel through solid surfaces vertically.

At the start, you’ll notice a pattered ceiling you’ll need to get on top of to get to the next area. Use Ascend to go through the ceiling. Then, in the next section, there’s a small enemy you’ll have to defeat using the weapons you have in your inventory. If you don’t have any weapons, you can get a Stone Axe and a Construct Bow from the chest and boxes in the shrine. One is on the right side of the wall, where there are two blocks (you can use Ascend to reach the chest). Meanwhile, the Construct Bow can be found in wooden boxes; you only have to break them using your Stone Axe.

Use Ascend underneath the bridge to cross the gap to the next section of the shrine. Once you’re across, you’ll see a moving platform on the left wall. Wait for the platform to come toward you and use Ascend. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the shrine.

Nachoyah Shrine

Unlocked Ability: Recall

Recall is a powerful ability in that you can literally rewind time on moving objects. You’ll notice rafts are moving across the water. Use Recall and get on the raft until you get to the next platform, where you’ll see a waterfall. Then, use Recall on the raft that just fell from the waterfall and ride it to the top.

Once you’re on top, push through using the cogwheel on your left and use Recall to find a treasure chest with x10 Arrows inside. Finally, you’ll see two spinning dialings above a gate. The gate only opens when the two dials overlap, so wait for them to overlap and use the Recall ability to ensure that both dials move in sync. Continue through the gate to receive the final Light of Blessing in the Great Sky Island.

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