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Cobalt-B Build
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A mechanical engineer of the Hykros weapon development team, Lunis, codenamed Cobalt-B creates effective weapons with her genius intellect in Tower of Fantasy. She tests her weapons by going out on operations with soldiers during combat despite not having any combat knowledge and experience. Yet somehow, she outperforms even the high-ranking soldiers. If players are curious about how to build Cobalt-B in Tower of Fantasy this is the guide to read.

Her parents were gambling addicts who became heavily in debt to Banges and began working in the Crown Mines to pay it off before Lunis was even born. Her interest in machines began when she was a child, with a talent to understand how they function separated her from other children. As she grew older, she was determined to help her parents repay their debts, and yet, Cobalt-B was effortlessly succeeding, and no one knew how she managed to earn money.

After knowing her dream, she cut off her parents to avoid distractions and calls herself “Cobalt-B” to make her impossible to track down. Her real name, Lunis, is not confidential information but out of respect for her comrades would call her by her codename as much as possible as she prefers to be called Cobalt-B.

Cobalt-B Tower of Fantasy Build

  • Grade
    • SSR
  • Gender
    • Female
  • Height
    • 157cm
  • Birthday
    • June 26th
  • Birthplace
    • Crown
  • Weapon
    • Blazing Revolver

Cobalt-B Blazing Revolver Skills

  • Flame Resonance (Passive): Flamed ATK increased by 15%, while flame resistance increased by 25%. The Flame Resonance can be activated by equipping two or more flame weapons and can also be effective in the off-hand slot, but the flame resonance effect cannot be stacked.
  • Flame (Passive): When Blazing Revolver is fully charged, it is set to fire for 8 seconds, with the next attack causing ongoing damage of 58% of ATK each second. Targets selected will take 50% efficacy from healing.
  • Normal Attack (Attack): Balmung’s standard combo is up to 5 times at ground level.
    • First Attack: DMG is equal to 52.3% of ATK+3.
    • Second Attack: DMG is equal to 75.6% of ATK+4.
    • Third Attack: DMG is equal to 94.5% of ATK+5.
    • Fourth Attack: DMG is equal to 142.8% of ATK+8.
    • Fifth Attack: DMG is equal to 137.8% of ATK+7.
  • Jumping Blast (Jump, Attack): After jumping or airborne, trigger Jumping Blast by using an aerial attack; the Blazing Revolver will launch a bomb to deal 90.8% of ATK+5 in a blast radius with a knockback and consumes 250 endurance.
  • Aerial Discharge (Double Jump): After double jumping, launch a Jumping Blast that will fire an Omnium bean downward to deal damage of 33.8% of ATK+2.
  • Heavy Bombardment (Attack/ Hold: Attack): Hold the attack button during a normal attack to activate Suppressing Fire and deal enemies 102% of ATK+5 of AOE damage.
  • Close Quarters (Dodge, Attack): Dodge and press the standard attack button to trigger this attack to deal damage equal to 156.1% of ATK+8 in a cone-shaped area.
  • Barrage (Skill): A cone-shaped area of destruction will deal 666% of ATK+35 damage with a 60-second Cooldown.
  • Explosive Rain (Discharge): When at full charge, or Phantasia (perfect dodge), clears all debuffs from the user and dash forward when equipping this weapon. Blazing Revolver unleased three grenades that deal 570% damage of ATK+30 AOE.

Awakening Traits

  • Lingering Warmth (1200 Awakening): The discharge skill restores a random amount of weapon charge, varying from 50 and 120 points.
  • Sparks (4000 Awakening): The discharge skill restores a random amount of weapon charge, varying from 90 and 180 points.

Matrices Builds

Cobalt-B’s Blazing Revolver is a top-tier Ice DPS unit due to her Ice Resonance that revolves around “dodge attacks.”

  • Best Matrices Set: Cobalt-B (4 Matrices)
    • Using two Cobalt-B Matrices: Restore one dodge after every four dodges while adding burn to the target, dealing attacks of 13%, 17%, 21%, and 25% damage per second for 10 seconds.
    • Using four Cobalt-B Matrices: Increases dealing attack damage of 13%, 17%, 21%, and 25% with abnormal statuses.
  • Best Matrices Set: Samir (2 Matrices)
    • Using two Samir Matrices: Deals more DMG when hitting a target, each hit by 1,5% up to 10, 13, 16, and 20 buff stacks for 2 seconds.
  • Best Matrices Set: Crow (2 Matrices)
    • Using two Crow Matrices: Increases dealing attack damage on enemies with less than 60% HP by 33%, 42%, 50%, and 58%.

Cobalt-B’s banner, Burning Reaction, was released on Version 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy started on October 6, 2022, and ends on October 27, 2022. To get her pulls, players would need Red Nucleus. Farming can purchase Red Nucleus for Dark Crystals or in the in-game store. We hope this Cobalt-B guide was helpful.

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