How to Get Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Rupees don’t grow on trees, you know?

When you first start the game, you only have the clothes behind your back and the Master Sword—which looks like it’s seen better days. If you want to survive from the monsters that lurk about in Hyrule, you’ll need weapons and armor to keep you from dying too much. Then, you’ll inevitably find yourself looking to spare change just to restock your stash of arrows or get some of the best armor sets that Tears of the Kingdom has to offer.

Rupees are the in-game currency in the entire Zelda franchise, and if you want to keep from being penniless (or should I say, Rupeeless), you’ll need to learn how to farm it. In this guide, I’ll cover the ways how you can get more Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Make Me A Sandwich, Link

Sure you can sell the food items you foraged in the forest, but why not make it even more special by cooking it? You can sell any meal you cook in Tears of the Kingdom, including the ever-famous Dubious Meal. Still, if you want to create meals using only the finest gourmet that money can buy, there’s no better place to scavenge than the Tabantha Tundra. I recommend hunting all the moose, wolves, and foxes. Once you’re done lowering their numbers in the area, get their meat and cook whatever your heart desires in a cooking pot.

You can follow a recipe down to a tee or randomly throw ingredients into a pot—it’s your choice. Whatever your decision, though, as long as you use cooking ingredients and your prized meat, you’ll earn a neat profit from it once you sell the meals to a merchant.

Support President Hudson

In your travels, you’ll come across Addison multiple times. You’ll see that he’s holding up a sign for President Hudson—also known as the man who built an entire town in Breath of the Wild known as Tarrey Town. He’ll say that he’s holding the sign up as a way to “support” Hudson, but you can talk to him to tell him to let go of it.

These encounters with Addison are minigames wherein you have to work out how to hold up the sign without letting it fall after Addison lets go of it. You can help fix the sign by using the environment around with Ultrahand, such as using boulders, logs, or even creations you made using the materials together.

Once the sign has something stable to lean on, tell Addison to let go. Addison picks the sign back up if it falls and resumes his position. But if it stays up, you’ll be rewarded with at least 20 Rupees and some food for your hard work!

Help Thy Neighbor

The general rule in the game—and life, might I argue—is always to help those in need. Link is a good guy at heart, so it makes sense for him to be able to help out NPCs you are in trouble. Yet, these NPCs would often give you Rupees for your trouble. The rates of Rupees you receive vary depending on the activity, but even without a reward, you’d help the people of Hyrule with a fee, right? Right..?

Mine Ores to Rake In the Big Bucks

You know you’re guilty of it—hoarding ores in your inventory. Heck, even I’m guilty as charged. If you’re constantly exploring wells and caves, don’t worry—you won’t ever run out of Topaz and Opal, selling for 80 and 30 Rupees a piece. Meanwhile, Rubies and Sapphires can be sold to merchants for 110 and 150 Rupees, respectively. But since these are harder to find, I suggest selling them more sparingly.

That said, Diamonds are the cream of the crop when it comes to ores. Selling for 500 Rupees, they’re an easy way to get multiple arrows for your bow and then some. However, we don’t recommend selling them. That’s because these babies add 25 Fuse attack power to your weapon. Plus, they help upgrade armor sets. So if you’re considering which ones you should prioritize selling, it would have to be the Topaz and Opals.

Boop the Blupees… With An Arrow to the Head!

Blupees are rare, blue rabbits that show up around Hyrule, although they typically pop up when you’re hunting Bubbulfrogs. If you find one in the wild, why not give them a love tap using your bow and a bunch of arrows? Doing so will cause them to panic and drop a lot of Rupees. If you shoot them multiple times, the Bluepees will drop more currency.

Just be careful, though; Blupees are incredibly skittish, and they’ll run the moment they see you or take damage from the arrows. The best method of catching them off guard is to crouch and creep up behind them from a distance. Then, jump off something to activate the slow-motion effect while using your bow.

There are no specific locations where Blupees like to roam about, but they generally show themselves in vast, grassy plains or outside of caves.

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