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Let’s Kick it: Learn How to Kick Yourself in CSGO

How to Kick Yourself in CSGO
By | December 7th, 2017 | Categories: CSGO, Others

Sometimes you just want to quit a CSGO match, even when it’s not halfway complete. Perhaps there was an emergency, or your teammates are the worst of the worst. Leaving in the middle of a match will cause a ban from entering competitive matchmaking for 30 minutes to a week, depending on how often you do it (or if you’ve gotten banned before). You want to take matters into your own hands, and Learn How to Kick Yourself in CSGO. Unfortunately, you can’t actually kick yourself, but you can call a vote to kick yourself (or other players).

How to Kick Yourself

The first thing you should do to call this vote is to enable the console open in CSGO’s settings menu. Just set the “Enable Developer Console” option to “Yes,” and set a convenient hotkey for it if the default isn’t your cup of tea. Here’s how it works in Steam’s desktop app:

  • Go to the game’s properties and click the “Set Launch Options” button.
  • Type “-console” at the dialog that appears and then click “Ok.”
  • When you launch the game, pressing the tilde key will open the console.

Next, you have to find the number assigned to the player to get kicked. Typing “status” at the console will show a list of players as well as other information, including the server status and the number of players. What you need is the numbers to the left of the player names. To call a vote to kick a player, type in ‘”call vote kick ” with the id as the numbers displayed before the player’s name.

Other Reasons Why You Might Want to Kick Yourself

There is a ban on joining competitive matches if you keep on quitting. Calling a vote to kick yourself makes penalties less likely, but of course, the other players have to vote “yes” for the kick. It doesn’t help that even if you’re the one who called the kick, the game automatically counts your vote as “no.” Otherwise, well, the vote is useless.

Another use of this knowledge is to kick a good bot on the other team strategically. Some bots are suitable, and they might even survive with an AWP while the players are poor. Tactically, that bot has the advantage, and by extension, the other team has the upper hand. The process remains the same, just with the bot’s number, which you can view in the list the “status” command gives.

Last Words and a Warning

Calling a vote to kick yourself has a little more use in competitive than casual, even with a ban, players can join casual servers and matches. Still, just remember that this won’t get you kicked 100% of the time. Acting like a jerk or an undesirable teammate might increase your chances, however, doing this might make the other players report you and also increase the chance that you’ll also get banned.

So, just weigh your options carefully. Although others might say only do this as a last resort, it’s your decision whether to continue playing, quit, or call a vote. Doing this is not a guaranteed way to avoid bans because it might contribute to gaining one, depending on the circumstances. Judge for yourself what the best course of action is.

At any rate, deciding what to do is easier if you stop thinking about ranking, points, or reputation. As long as you still enjoy playing the game, those shouldn’t matter anyway. Keep on enjoying CSGO!

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