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Final Fantasy Fortune: How to Make Gil in FFXIV

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By | February 6th, 2020 | Categories: FFXIV, Others

You don’t need in-game currency, FFXIV Gil, for endgame gear and collaboration-related stuff (hopefully, they’d have FF7 Remake items later on). However, you will need it for the premium stuff you’ll be envying others for having, as well as custom gear for super-specialized builds. So, you want to know how to make FFXIV Gil? Then read on!

Are Roulettes, Primals, and Dailies lucrative for Gil?

First on the list is the easiest: regularly hunting, doing daily roulettes and primals. It’s actually common sense and might seem cliché, but taking on these contents religiously can actually earn you quite a lot of Gil. However, this is only recommended if you don’t mind spending too much much time saving up.

For roulettes, on top of the daily bonus, you get an in-demand bonus if you’re using a class that many parties need. As for hunts, you should join linkshells as they have hunts as a specific purpose. By doing so, you get to have real-time information on where the next target is going to be.

Of what use are Disciples of Hand and Land?

Aside from giving you something productive to do outside of combat, both Disciples of Land and Disciples of Hand are there to help you make money. The former allows you to gather raw materials. The higher the level, the better the materials you get. You can then either use them for your Disciples of Hand professions, or sell them as they are.

Some would even recommend selling the crafting materials as they are, as you won’t need much as much Gil for crafting since you’ll only be spending on gear and teleportation fees. This, however, isn’t always the case. There will be times when crafted items are more lucrative.

Regardless of whether you want to sell crafted items or raw crafting materials, if you want to rake in loads of Gil through either, you need to check which crafted items are selling the most at the Market Board. Knowing what price to put on your items and when to sell them are of the essence when doing this.

Is embarking on Treasure Hunts a worthy endeavor?

Yes. Treasure Hunts can make you serious Gil. As you practice your skills, you’ll find treasure maps from time to time. Alternatively, you can also find a few on the Market Board. As the name suggests, you’ll be discovering hidden treasure stashes. However, there are also monsters lurking in these stashes, which you have to defeat in order to obtain the rewards. Some of them can fetch a high amount, even in the low millions.

Keep in mind that treasure hunts have corresponding levels, and it’s better to take on the ones that are within your capabilities. If you’re capped, go for the gazelleskin treasure maps.

Are Ventures a lucrative prospect?

Sure. Unlike in the real world, passive income doesn’t generate as much in Eorzea. Nevertheless, a little of it is better than nothing, and the best way to achieve this in FFXIV is through ventures. By giving your retainer a form of currency called Venture, which you can either buy from the Grand Company, or obtain them as a reward through Beast Tribes and Guildleves. Upon doing so, they go out on a venture. If they’re successful, they return with a reward!

The reward your venture will get relies on his or her class. You can give it any unlocked class you have and will have the same level as you for capped classes. For those that you haven’t capped yet, the retainer will be five levels lower.

Not having a lot of Gil in FFXIV isn’t a really big problem, but the more of it you have, the better. So now that you know how to make Gil in FFXIV, what are you waiting for? Stop reading, start farming!

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