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How to Play Apex Legends: Welcome to the Parkour Shooter

How to Play Apex Legends
By | May 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Others

If you’re one to these types of FPS (First Person Shooter) and have some interest in playing this particular game, look no further. In this article, we’ll try to address every single core mechanic of the game and teach you How to Play Apex Legends. First of all, we’ll discuss the different elements that every single Battle Royale game in the market has in common. Most noteworthy, how can captivate their player community with practically less content than any other shooter out there, without complaints. Furthermore, there’s an explanation on how “real people” tend to give longevity to any video game, instead of filling it with complicated A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) that somehow makes everything feel a little bit “repetitive.”

After the introduction of what Battle Royale is, we’ll dig all those gaming mechanics that Apex Legends has to offer, making it unique from the rest. In contrast to almost all those new games with the same genre, this time around isn’t just a new map to look around. Instead, we get different options that make the experience a little more exciting and not so easy to master.

How does Battle Royale work?

Some gaming developers took inspiration from movies such as “Hunger Games” to create a similar atmosphere and sense of danger. Therefore, just like the movie above, you arrive alone (sometimes), in a particular arena, with no weapons on your inventory. Most noteworthy, there are other players in the same place that have the same conditions as you do. Furthermore, your main objective is to kill your rivals and become the last man standing.

To help you achieve this complicated task in any Battle Royale encounters; there are different weapons, ammunition, and equipment across the battlefield. Hence, to win, you need to be assertive and find as many items as possible, keep the best stuff and hunt for enemy players afterward. Indeed, everything cannot be as expected with these types of games, and you’ll probably find other players before you become ready. Therefore, when that time comes, you either run for your life or try your luck and fight.

Above all, elements of surprise such as these make the game exciting and keep you wanting for more. Probably this factor alone is the primary element that made the Battle Royale genre more interesting. In contrast to AI, where you tend to exploit it as soon as possible, with other “real players,” anything goes. As a result, you don’t know if your adversary is a new player or a professional until you both fight for survival. Furthermore, this mechanic alone adds another layer of exciting unforeseen events within every random match.

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What is considered a Squad in Apex Legends?

Unlike the usual Battle Royale game, this time around, you get the chance to play within a Squad. Therefore, after you queue for a random match, you’ll randomly come across two other casual players (you have the option to play with two friends as well). Hence, when the team appears on the screen, these players suddenly become your allies, brothers in arms, comrades. Likewise to the other games of the same genre, to with a random match, your squad needs to survive until no other adversary remains. As a result, you need to adapt as soon as possible and cooperate with your team, to increase your winning chances. Above all, the Squad that works together and understand each other; becomes a challenge for the rest of the other groups.

You may think that the “Squad Only” option may look unappealing for a single player, but due to other gaming mechanics, you’ll get to see why this change is needed. First of all, another element that complements the need for teams is the “Legends” part. In contrast to the regular Battle Royale games, this time around you have the option to choose a character. Most noteworthy, these Legends have several attributes and abilities that differentiate one from the other. Therefore, when you add the “Squad” mechanic, you get the chance to form a team with players that have different playstyles that complement one another.

Taking all of the above in consideration, you’re probably guessing that communication is a fundamental part of this game. Therefore, the need for peripherals such as a microphone will be essential for your team to cooperate in the same goal. For that same reason, the development team made creative ways to keep your group together even without using your mouth to communicate. Most noteworthy, in Apex Legends, you have a smart Ping System that gives you almost all the necessary options to keep your Squad focus on the same objective.

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What other mechanics make the game more appealing to its audience?

Different weapons have exciting new ways to keep your attention in this particular game. Most noteworthy, the atmosphere of the game is a little bit “futuristic,” which gives us the option to experience different weapons, such as guns with lasers or multi-shots.

Another mechanic comes with the movement. In Apex Legends you have different options to move across the map in such peculiar ways that make it fun and addictive.

Reach the Next Level

After you have gathered all this introduction to this particular game. You now have a better idea of How to Play Apex Legends. Above all, you know the main objective of all those Battle Royale types of games, and more knowledge about the different gaming mechanics that Apex Legends has to offer. Therefore, to improve your gameplay, you need to continue queueing for random matches until you familiarize more with the arena. Furthermore, according to your unique way of playing any FPS, some guns may become more appealing to you, which you’ll need to master.

As a result, the more time you share to this game, the better you’ll become. Plus, due to the joy of playing with other “real players,” every single match is going to feel different; therefore, you’ll probably find something new as you keep playing.

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