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HUGELY Discounted SuperCarriers and Titans in EVE:

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By | April 22nd, 2016 | Categories: Others

Remember when these used to sell for over $1,000? Get one now, while they are still on the cheap! With the upcoming massive Northern War in EVE, prices are going to Skyrocket as demand increases. Rare and expensive ships will begin to perish in the coming super-war.

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Amarr Succession Trials:

This week, EVE Online is hosting major in-game player driven content with the 2016 Amarr Success Trials. Wherein PLAYERS will determine who the next Emperor of the Amarr faction will be. The last succession trials were held over 10 years ago, in which the entire history had to be re-written by a surprise upset in the trials by in-game players.

EVE’s developer is hosting a public event which will determine the fate of EVE’s inner universe, and that of it’s oldest, and largest faction, The Amarr Empire.

There will be hundreds, perhaps thousands of players anticipated to be present. And as such, careless pilots, tricks, and the in-game mechanics of wars will result in many inevitable in-game fighting. Since it is a high security system (Amarr, at the Emperor Family Academy), you should be ready to pick up all the in-game loot from people fighting against one another and be sure to pick up a fancy Jump Freighter to hold everything and make your huge sales to the nether regions of New Eden.

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