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lords of the fallen invasions
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Many Souls-like games feature PvP content that allows players to invade your world and vice versa. Lords of the Fallen also integrates this system into the game, so it is a good idea for gamers to learn how this mechanic works. This guide will help players learn more about Invasions.

What are Invasions?

Invasions are all about players challenging each other to duels in a unique multiplayer mode. An invader enters another player’s world to contest and possibly loot them. These encounters can only occur in specific areas, and the host must be online for invasions. It adds a layer of excitement to the game’s multiplayer experience. 

The great thing about this feature is that it is accessible to players early in the game. You need a nearby Vestige point for you to participate in Invasions. It’s a challenging and rewarding feature for both the invader and the host. For invaders, it’s an opportunity to test their abilities and earn valuable rewards. For hosts, it’s a chance to prove their mettle and protect their resources and loot from potential attackers.

How Do Invasions Work in Lords of the Fallen? 

Invasions can happen anytime but are limited to specific areas. Thes zones are marked with a red skull icon on the map. When attacked, the Crimson Ritual will be triggered to initiate a search for a friendly player to come to help defend you. The Crimson Ritual is a feature designed to summon a friendly player to your world when invaded. If you already have a co-op partner accompanying you, this ritual won’t activate. This ally can help you in combat to even the odds against the invader. In addition, attackers are less likely to proceed with their assault if there are two people in the world.

To be summoned as a defender, players must complete the game’s tutorial and be within the same level range as the player who was invaded. Successfully assisting the host against invaders rewards experience points and valuable loot. However, players should be aware that helping the host can be a challenging experience because invaders are often more skilled and better equipped than the players they target. The Crimson Ritual and the ability to summon defenders enhance the game’s multiplayer aspect, providing excitement and rewards for all players. 

What are the Rewards for Invading 

  • Experience Points: Defeating a host yields experience points as a reward. The amount of experience points can vary depending on the level of the host, but it’s generally a substantial boost to your character’s progression. This is particularly advantageous for players aiming to reach the maximum level of 100. 
  • Loot: Invasions come with the opportunity to loot items from the host. These items can include weapons, armor, materials, and other valuable in-game resources. The host’s level and progress influence the quality of the loot obtained by invaders in the game. High-level hosts are likelier to yield high-quality loot. 
  • The Thrill of the Hunt: The primary reward for some players is the excitement of the hunt. Invasions present a challenging and thrilling way to put your skills to the test against other players. When facing various situations and opponents, success as an invader requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and unpredictability. It’s an exhilarating experience that appeals to those seeking a competitive edge in the game. 
  • Vengeance: You can seek revenge if you’ve been invaded and defeated. You can invade the world of the player who bested you, giving you a chance to regain your pride and exact revenge. This is a satisfying way to settle scores and offers a valuable learning experience. Analyzing your previous mistakes and honing your invasion skills can improve performance in subsequent invasions. 

How to Invade Players 

To begin an invasion, you must interact with a significant Vestige point, such as the one at Skyrest Bridge. Once near the Vestige point, access the in-game menu and select the “multiplayer” tab. You’ll find several choices within the multiplayer options, but for invasions and player-versus-player (PvP) action, you should opt for the “Slaughter Lampbearer” option. 

After selecting the “Slaughter Lampbearer” option, you will be transported into another player’s world. This is where the real challenge begins. You will often find yourself in a brutal 1v1 duel against the host. However, there can be variations where you may have an ally joining you, resulting in a 2v1 encounter. Additionally, some meetings may involve the host’s enemies attacking them if they stray too far from you, adding an extra layer of strategy to the invasion. 

Can You Disable Invasions 

You cannot turn off Invasions entirely because it is a core feature of the game. However, there are things that you can do to prevent any invaders from getting into your world. Here are some ways to lessen the chances of getting attacked: 

  • Play Offline: If you want to avoid invasions entirely, playing offline is your best option. This way, you won’t encounter invaders, but it also means you won’t have the opportunity to engage with other players online. Playing offline is a practical choice for those who prefer a more solo experience. 
  • Avoid High-Risk Areas: Invasions are more common in specific zones within the game, such as the Overgrown Garden and the Astral Tower. If you’re uncomfortable with invasions, you should avoid these areas. To identify high-risk areas, consult your map, which displays zones with a higher likelihood of attacks. 
  • Use the Mirror of Protection: The Mirror of Protection is a valuable item that temporarily shields you from invasions. You can locate this item in the Radiant Shrine. To activate it, equip the Mirror of Protection; a protective barrier will encircle you. This barrier deters invaders from entering your world, providing safety for a limited time. Once the wall dissipates, you will become vulnerable to invasions again. 
  • Play with a Friend when Online – Playing with a friend can be an intelligent approach to reduce the likelihood of invasions. Invaders often target lone players, making co-op play a safer choice. Additionally, when you play with a friend, you can collaborate to defend yourselves against potential invaders. Whether you want to tackle enemies together or strategize against invaders, having a friend by your side enhances your chances of success. 

Tips and Tricks for Invasions 

For Invaders: 

  • Choose the Right Time: Timing is crucial for invaders. They have a better chance of success when invading hosts who are alone and unsuspecting. Check the minimap; if you see only one blue dot, the host is isolated and vulnerable. 
  • Utilize the Environment: Use the surroundings to your advantage. Many game areas feature traps and hazards that can help you gain the upper hand. Lead the host into a trap or catch them by surprise from behind. 
  • Be Unpredictable: Experiment with various tactics and strategies to keep the host guessing. Unpredictability makes it challenging for the host to defeat you. Switch weapons or armor during the fight and employ different attacks and abilities. 
  • Be Persistent: Don’t give up if you don’t defeat the host on your first attempt. Keep trying, learn from your mistakes, and persist. Success often comes with determination and continuous effort. 

For Hosts: 

  • Stay Aware: Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Invaders can appear anywhere in the area, so be prepared for a sudden attack. Keep an eye out for unexpected developments and listen for suspicious noises. 
  • Environmental Advantage: Like invaders, use the environment to your benefit. Use traps and hazards to your advantage by attempting to lure invaders into them or launching surprise attacks from behind. 
  • Ask a Friend: Don’t hesitate to call for backup if you’re struggling against an invader. Inviting a friend to join the fight can significantly impact the outcome. 
  • Escape if You Need To: If the situation becomes too stressful, focus on escaping. Invaders cannot pursue you through checkpoints, so reaching one ensures your safety. Escaping is safer than risking a confrontation and potential defeat. 


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