Lords of the Fallen: Where to go after Judge Cleric

where to go after judge cleric
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Lords of the Fallen’s non-linearity and sandbox theme allow players to choose their progression route and customize their experience. The problem with this is that Lampbearers need clarification about what they should do next after doing certain events. After defeating Judge Cleric, there are no clear indications of where to go next, which can stall a player’s progression. There are multiple options on what you can do after beating the Radiant Sentinel, and this guide will show you the best choices for you to make.

The Radiant Sentinel Boss

Judge Cleric is a mid-game boss players usually encounter when trying to enter Upper Crath. She is considered one of the most challenging opponents due to her complex kit. Here is what players should expect when fighting this boss:

  • Large Health Pool – Judge Cleric has a relatively higher health pool than other bosses. Her large HP makes the fight drag longer, especially for players not used to battling for extended durations. 
  • Multiple Phases – On top of Judge Cleric’s large HP, her fight consists of two phases. Each one features melee and ranged attacks. Gamers will have to master and remember these moves to ensure their success.
  • High Damaging Abilities – The cherry on top of the Radiant Sentinel’s kit is that she deals tons of damage. Her high DPS output, paired with her extreme durability, is what makes her one of the most challenging bosses in the game.

If you beat her, you will get some of the best gear available. After defeating the Radiant Sentinel, you are given several options on what to do. However, due to the game’s sandbox nature, Lords of the Fallen will not prompt you where you should go next.

What to Do After Defeating the Judge Cleric

After defeating Judge Cleric in Lords of the Fallen, you have several options for what to do next. You can either continue with the story or focus on other side progressions. Here are the paths you can go for after the Radiant Sentinel fight:

Go to Upper Crath

The most obvious choice is to venture to the Upper Crath and continue the main story. This area opens up after defeating Judge Cleric and is filled with challenging new foes. You’ll discover unique weapons, armor, and abilities in this zone. The Lightreaper boss can also found in this region, another difficult encounter. Here are some of the new enemies that you will encounter in Upper Crath:

  • Stone Golems – Massive moving Stone targets that are slow but deal massive damage. 
  • Shadow Demons – Agile and hard-to-hit enemies that can phase through different parts of the field. 

To get to this region, you must head to the Skyrest Bridge. Once on the bridge, turn left and pass through the door. A bonfire will be in the room, which serves as a starting point. Once through the door on the other side, you’ll find yourself in the Upper Crath.

Look for Hidden Quests and Collectibles

If there are areas or quests you’ve missed, now is an excellent time to return and finish them. Tons of hidden places are filled with secrets that reward new weapons, armor, and abilities. These side quests offer valuable rewards like currency, experience, and items. 

Some of these quests may be challenging, but their completion will significantly boost your progress through the main story and the defeat of difficult bosses. In addition, you can come back for them later when you have reached the later parts of the story, but if you want to focus on MSQ progression, you can skip them.

Farm Up and Gear Up

Another option is to farm for gear if you’re struggling against a particular enemy or boss. If you are taking too long against Judge Cleric, it might be a sign that you must improve your equipment. Enemies in Upper Crath are less forgiving; should you have weak items, farming better weapons and armor is the best course of action.

Farming for gear involves repeatedly defeating enemies and bosses to acquire better equipment. You can also find new weapons and armor in hidden locations or by completing side quests. Remember that farming can be time-consuming, so only do so if you struggle with boss fights.

Explore Axiom and Umbral

Whatever path you choose, always check both Axiom and Umbral. The realms of the living and the dead have various collectibles and rewards that can help with character progression. Alternating between these places can ensure you get all the potentially essential items or armor. 

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