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From MMORPG to The Secret World TV Series

The Secret World TV Series
By | August 28th, 2017 | Categories: Others

Movie or series adaptations of video games haven’t been up to par. Even gamers agree, especially fans of the root franchise of a particular movie or series adaptation, to the point that they avoid it like the plague. Still, there are exceptions to the rule, like the half-decent Prince of Persia and Warcraft, so there’s hope that another exception is underway. So, what game are they going to butcher or adapt? Well, this time, it’s an MMO that will be The Secret World TV Series.

What’s The Secret World?

The Secret World is a MMORPG developed by Funcom and Electronic Arts (EA). The game is set in a present-day Earth that is under attack by mysterious and mythical forces, creatures, and groups from various cultures and conspiracy theories across the globe. Players must band together, fight back, and ensure that zombies, beasts, demons, and so on, stay as mere legends. The 2012 version of the game is no longer active since the relaunch is under a new name: Secret World Legends.

It’s Big: Genre, Names, and Show

A TV series based on an MMO is something fresh. It makes sense that big names are involved in the project. The most recognizable among them is Johnny Depp. Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow. It makes sense that he’s one of the producers since he’s seen his fair share of legends come to life in his travels across the sea. Depp, one of the show’s producers, had his production company Infinitum Nihil partner with G4C Innovations, which is owned by co-producer Gudrun Giddings to do the show. Other producers include Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar, and Pam Veasey.

  • Pam Veasey: the series showrunner. She’s worked on other fantasy series before, such as “Hook” and “Crossbones,” so expect an excellent job.
  • James V. Hart: he’s written the screenplays for the movies “Hook,” a spinoff of Peter Pan starring Robin Williams, and 1992’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” starring Gary Oldman as the supposed vampire. With such robust and magical storytelling and world-building under his belt, it’s safe to say that The Secret World is in good and talented hands.

This World Over All The Others

So, out of all the games out there, especially MMOs, why Secret World? Simple: there’s lots of potential for storytelling. With so many sidequests, lore, and conspiracies that are included in the game, producers, and writers have a wealth of material to choose. Since its set in the real world and the game’s mythos consist of real-life mythologies, many people (even those that haven’t played the game) might find the show appealing, relatable, and easy to get into.

Hopefully, the producers manage to make an adaptation that’s not only accurate but also captures the look and feel of the game. If they manage to do that, they’ll have the players, the most sentimentally valuable demographic, as avid viewers. The Secret World’s TV series adaptation is shaping up to take the world by storm. However, will The Secret World TV Series leave a legacy? We’ll have to find out. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it’s successful so that it can encourage new players to explore the game.

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