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New World Fresh Start
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Two weeks after the Brimstone Sands update, New World introduced several Fresh Start Worlds sets. These new servers will give players a chance to start everything from scratch. With the release of these FSWs, gamers are getting too ready to jump in and significantly impact the servers. What should players be doing in the Fresh Starts. This guide will cover everything you need to know about New World Fresh Start Servers

What are Fresh Start Worlds in New World?

Fresh Starts are basically worlds players can consider a complete game restart. These servers will feature an in-game economy, territory, and community that is completely unchanged and open to modifications. Since the progress of these worlds will start from zero, Legacies (pre-existing servers) don’t have any influence on the brand-new ones.

In FSW, players have the power to finally have a lasting impact on the game since everyone is given an equal footing shortly after the release. They can aim to influence the market flow or change the landscape by occupying territories. Everyone from veteran adventurers to newbies is welcome in Fresh Start Worlds.

All the Fresh Start Worlds

While players might worry that the allure of the FSW might cause overcrowding, AGS has ensured sufficient numbers to cater to everyone. These worlds are released on November 2, so gamers can access them now. Here are all the Fresh Starts in the game:


  • Medea
  • Myrddin
  • Devourer
  • Amarah


  • Yonas
  • Ennead

South America

  • Artorius
  • Gaea

Central Europe

  • Artemis
  • Gawain
  • Apophis
  • Cleopatra


  • Sutekh

These 13 servers will be available to everyone with New World accounts. Gamers don’t need to pay anything to be eligible to enter these worlds. 

How to Join Fesh Start Server in New World?

Fresh Start Worlds are very easy to join, but they present several account limitations. For FSWs, players cannot use transfer tickets to enter these servers, unlike Legacies. Only newly created characters can enter these zones. This system is in effect to ensure that no geared or end-game adventurers can enter these worlds.

The only way to join Fresh Start Worlds is to create a new character. Players will be given an extra slot for creation to have one of their alts join these servers, especially if they have reached the maximum per account. While it is not available now, Amazon has implied that they have plans to allow transferring out of FSWs to Legacy servers. However, players who are banned from Legacy servers will still be allowed in the Fresh Starts.

Fortunately for players, even if the population of Fresh Starts drops, devs have clarified that they will never merge them with Legacy servers. This will ensure that the world’s uniqueness is maintained. However, whether two FSWs could be merged later was never clarified.

What Should You Do in Fresh Start Worlds?

Since everyone and everything will start from scratch in these worlds, the best thing to do is to power level. Most of the content in New World is level-locked, and many resource-gathering areas require players to be at a higher gear score to ensure survival. Leveling up and powering up are the main goals that adventurers should push for in the FSWs.

There are many things to consider when players are aiming for power level. Factors such as class, weapons, and grind spots are huge considerations. Here are what players should do before they start their journey in Fresh Starts:

  1. Tank, DPS, or Healer – From the beginning, you should decide whether you want to be a beefy frontline, reliable support, or lethal DPS. Your classification will determine how easy it is for you to enter expeditions or find parties. Tanks and Healers are more likely to find teams for group content, but DPS can easily do solo content. It is up to you to decide which you should go for. 
  2. Choose the Right Weapons – After choosing your role, the next step is to choose the right set of weapons. In New World, you can have up to two offensive items. Some armaments synergize better than others, so players should learn which would fit their style best. These weapons will also determine which attributes gamers should invest in. Making sure that you get the right pairing will optimize your kit and effectiveness in battle.
  3. Do MSQs – Story quests will provide most of the experience points needed to reach end-game content. Adventurers should finish the MSQs immediately, especially in the Fresh Start Worlds. 
  4. Grind Spots – There are a lot of guides detailing which grind spots are the best for leveling up. Ensure you consult them since they still apply in the Fresh Start World. Gamers should not forget that they must ensure that they also farm in profitable areas. Since the world economy will start from scratch, gaining access to coveted materials can help gamers impact the market.
  5. Professions – Leveling up your character should also involve leveling up professions. These trade skills are very useful for making money and crafting items in the end-game stage. In Fresh Start Worlds, players should think ahead and prepare for the eventual later phases of the server. 

After ranking their characters, it is up to the players to decide what they should do. They can aim to become governors of unoccupied settlements, hone their crafts, and become masters in their respective professions. Leveling up is the primary goal for everyone, so gamers should make sure they do this as fast as possible. 

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