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Oculus Rift – What’s the vibe?

By | March 29th, 2016 | Categories: Others

Marketed as the next generation of virtual reality, the Oculus Rift is a popular device to play games or watch 360º movies. The first personal virtual reality device, this might be described as real shift in video game technology. The first device has been delivered recently to a customer in Alaska by the originator himself, Palmer Luckey. 

How did Oculus Rift come about?

The device originated in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign which proved successful. Both HTC and Sony are to bring out rival headsets, but until they are launched they are just showing product in expos – too weird and too sci-fi for most people. Maybe if it resembled Google Glass more? Some redesigning may be in order.

That name…

The jury seem to be out on the device’s fantasy name. The novelty value of “Oculus Rift” may become tiresome, but it seems to be bringing in the gameplayers at the moment.

Though the optics are considered “state of the art” and there is a high “visual fidelity” or definition with the feeling that the player is present in a game, It seems that demand is currently outdoing supply. Perhaps the device will soon become mainstream though?

There are only thirty games at launch, such as EVE:Valkyrie and Lucky’ s Tale , as well as the movie tie-in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan with tracked controllers taking charge of the action. It requires a Windows 7 SP1 bit or a newer PC.

It has only just become available for sale with helpful guides for each game on the website. There are links to a developer website where the Oculus website can be programmed. As it is a new device, programmers have to negotiate new ground. The results however – a 360° game or simulation – must surely make it worth mastering.


Shipping dates do seem to be constantly readjusted and postponed due to the lack of actual stock. It seems that shipping dates of recent orders will now take place in June. This is only in America and the dates may be later in the rest of the world.

The set up isn’t cheap, and the logistics that it has to be a PC and not a tablet limits the playability. The Oculus though is quite light, which is a point in its favor, unlike the cumbersome prototypes and the first generation virtual reality devices.

This teething difficulty can be explained by the newness of the tech involved. When more games are introduced and people become more familiar with how to program the Oculus Rift, it may outstrip the PlayStation or the Wii in demand. The uncertainty of using virtual reality devices will be removed through the devices becoming the in-thing.

So will VR replace the console? This does seem likely but this might not be the device that does it. In the meantime, why not stick with a good MMO – and check out our site while you’re about it…

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