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CS:GO’s Banging Update: Operation Hydra

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By | June 6th, 2017 | Categories: CSGO, Others

Valve recently released an update for CS:GO called “Operation Hydra.” For eighteen weeks (until September), gamers can experience a new campaign with different game modes (Hydra Events). Every week, a game mode is available to play: (1) Wingman, (2) Weapons Expert, or (3) War Games. The update includes four new maps, a fresh case with cool skins. Also, the campaign features 30 guardian missions for cooperative play, which players can replay for their amusement.

The Stellar Campaign

The Guardian Campaign of Operation Hydra makes players go against five bots that get harder to beat after each wave. After, they gain access to equipment that’s normally unavailable, such as the Heavy Armor (the case for the Heavy Phoenix encountered in the Gemini campaign). Players have ten seconds between waves to gear up and prepare for combat. Completing a wave also replenishes some health and armor as well as respawning dead players. However, ammunition doesn’t get regenerated.

Players win by either completing objectives or surviving a certain number of waves. On the other hand, game over if the AI successfully manages to rescue a hostage or plant a bomb on the bomb site. Depending on the map, players gain weapons before the first wave and then collect from dead bodies, or they buy after each survived wave.

3 Epic Modes

  1. Wingman: a 16-round match in a little map with a single bomb site. It runs like a normal round, but with only two players per team. Teamwork and effective communication are necessary to win. Don’t let your partner down on this mode.
  2. Weapons Expert: players can buy a weapon only once for the entire match. Did you purchase an AWP on the fourth round and died? Tough luck! You can’t buy it again for the rest of the match. Collaborate and strategize with your team to keep the preferred or most powerful weapons available, and get the drop on the enemy.
  3. War Games: is a grab-bag of random rules with twists and turns. Players vote on what they’ll play next after a match. There are six rules: (1) Heavy Assault Suit, (2) Headshots Only, (3) Hunters-Gatherers, (4) Stab Stab Zap, (5) The Flying Scoutsman, and (6) Trigger Discipline.
    1. Heavy Assault Suit: enables players to purchase a suit of armor from the buy menu. It costs $6000 and replaces the Kevlar + Helmet option, which is usually not available in casual games. With the armor, players get increased defense at the cost of always having noisy footsteps and a restriction on using rifles.
    2. Headshots Only: the damage that will stick on the enemy is headshots. Hit your opponents anywhere else and nothing happens. It’s a deathmatch to help raise headshot accuracy.
    3. Hunter-Gatherers: make players drop dog tags when they die and to collect the most dog tags to win the match. It could either be your team’s tags or the opposition. Keep in mind that bonus weapons add another tag to help collect the most.
    4. Stab Stab Zap: the demolition game mode (up close and personal to defeat the enemies) allows players to utilize a rechargeable Zeus x27 and their knife. Grenades are the only other thing available in the menu.
    5. The Flying Scoutsman (Scoutknives): players have a sniper rifle (the SSG 08) and knife in a low gravity environment. Accuracy is increased while moving and jumping to compensate for the low gravity.
    6. Trigger Discipline: miss a shot and lose health. On the other hand, this mode could increase player’s marksmanship.

Slick Skins

The Operation Hydra Case contains a new set of skins for several of the weapons in CS:GO. The rarest skins are the Oni Taiji for the AWP, and Hyper Beast for the Five-SeveN. There are other skins are for different weapons that have diverse themes and color schemes.

The Galil AR’s skin (Sugar Rush) is reminiscent of a sugar high since it contains bubblegum pink, purple, and blue colors. There’s also the “handy” P90 skin (Death Grip), which has lots of hands. Even though the campaign is accessible for players with a subscription, there are free-to-play Hydra Events. It’s a refreshing change from just the usual bomb defusing or deathmatches. Now’s the time to get CS:GO skins while Operation Hydra is up and running. Once the campaign ends in September, the cases won’t drop as often, making them significantly harder to collect. As time passes, prices for lucrative skins rise because of the rarity of the case. Get these skins or cases at PlayerAuctions today!

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