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Lena, codename Tracer, grew up in London; once a party animal and attending rock concerts, she joined the Royal Air Force as a test pilot, where she was given her callsign in Overwatch 2. After numerous successful test flights, Tracer was well known for her fearless piloting skills and positive attitude. With that said, Tracer was inducted into the Overwatch experimental flight program, where she was the youngest member and was allowed to test pilot the teleporting prototype fighter, the Slipstream. During the first flight, the aircraft malfunctioned, and the teleportation matrix began to disrupt before disappearing. The Slipstream and its pilot left no trace of life, leaving Tracer presumed deceased.

Months later, Lena (Tracer) mysteriously reappeared. Her body underwent significant changes that altered and had been desynchronized from the flow of time. Tracer now becomes a living ghost that disappears from hours to months, only briefly reappearing, unable to maintain her physical form. Until Winston, the Overwatch’s gorilla scientist, designed a chronal accelerator to keep Tracer in the present while allowing her to control her own time by speeding up or slowing it down.

After this incident, Tracer trained to become an Overwatch agent, now moving from being a test pilot to being supervised by Winston and Dr. Ziegler. At the Overwatch HQ Training and Evaluation Facility, she met Blackwatch and Genji, becoming sparring partners. Genji even praises Tracer as she is the only Overwatch agent he struggles to catch up to her speed. Tracer is so fast she can be misinterpreted to be teleporting in some instances.

Tracer’s design is in-line with her history as a test pilot, wearing a set of aviator goggles, a leather bomber jacket, and now high-tech equipment. Like a retro-style bomber, the overall outfit is in a brown, white, and orange color scheme. Her look expresses the futuristic world of Overwatch. Blizzard was one of the earliest heroes created for the original Overwatch and has now become one of the staple characters and has moved over to Overwatch 2.

How to Play Tracer in Overwatch 2

Pulse Pistols

Tracer’s primary weapon is a set of dual pulse pistols with a fast rate of fire with a large bullet spread.

  • Tip: Get in close
    • Utilize the fire and bullet spread rate by getting up close, as shooting from a distance will not be as effective.


A short-range teleport where Tracer will jump through space and time at a short distance in front of her.

  • Tip 1: Time your dodges
    • Utilize your Blick to get out of situations where you feel overwhelmed.
  • Tip 2: Rush Enemies
    • Rushing enemies is probably more apparent; this would pair well with shooting your Pulse Pistols to overwhelm your enemy.


Rather than jumping into space and time, Recall would rewind herself in time to her position 3 seconds ago while also restoring her health, buff, and debuffs.

  • Tip: Quick escape
    • If overwhelmed by enemies, do not hesitate to run away from a fight by using Recall.


Being a part of the damage class, Tracer’s passive grants her a burst of mobility and her reload speed.


Tracer’s Ultimate Ability, also known as Pulse Bomb in Overwatch 2, is ultimate. It allows her to two an explosive pulse charge that can attach itself to enemies if they are hit or on any surface. Its detonation only lasts a second and deals heavy damage, enough to kill any heroes within its vicinity except for some heavy tanks.

  • Tip: Crowd control
    • If enemies are bundled together, using her ult can be very useful to either scare them off or take some, if not most, out.

Tracer Overwatch 2 Tips

In summary, Tracer is a hero with high mobility to rush her enemies or escape challenging situations. Keep in mind; Tracer is the squishiest hero in Overwatch 2, with only 150 points for her health bar. Yet, this is where the mastery of Blink and Recall comes in; retreating is always a good option when overwhelmed by enemies; dying and respawning wastes time, even if you try to run back into the fight.

The best way to play as Tracer is to bob and weave; Blink and Recall are perfect for getting around enemies. Mastering these versatile abilities will annoy your opponents trying to get a shot at you. Swopping in to deal damage, dashing right out of the situation, and coming back is your ideal tactic to dominate a 1v1.

Tank characters are your best friend; as mentioned earlier, Tracer is an easy kill, as bobbing and weaving is not always an effective strategy when faced with numerous enemies. If this is not in the cards, use your Pulse Bomb when enemies are stunned by tossing one their way, this will deal significant damage and benefit your teammates. Hopefully, this guide for Tracer will help you dominate the battlefield. Be swift with your movement; they’ll never know you’re coming.

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