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Overwatch DPI Calculator to Aim Better

Overwatch DPI Calculator
By | October 10th, 2018 | Categories: Others

In Overwatch, and all other FPS games, the user’s mouse DPI makes a huge difference in how they play. For those who don’t know, your mouse DPI is essentially the sensitivity of your mouse. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and is often used to describe how detailed an image is. However, when referring to a mouse (which we will be throughout), it describes how far your mouse moves, since it is covering more “dots” for the same amount of motion. Obviously, a mouse’s sensitivity plays a huge role in how a user can aim, and therefore makes a massive difference to how well you can aim. Our Overwatch DPI Calculator article will focus mainly on how a user should be modifying their DPI in order to aim better.

How do I actually calculate my DPI?

If you truly want to calculate your DPI, you should just use the Overwatch DPI Tool. It will allow you to input your mouse’s DPI, your in-game sensitivity, and your in-game FOV (Field of View). It will then calculate what your specific DPI is. You can find your mouse’s DPI by going into your specific mouse settings – most gaming mice will have a program that they install on your computer that is always open and will clearly state your DPI settings. The sensitivity and FOV are found in the Overwatch game launcher itself.

Realistically these numbers are fairly useless for the vast majority of users, and what you’re really looking for is the feel of your mouse. Feel is far more important than the specific numbers. You should also probably not try to change your mouse’s DPI too much specifically for Overwatch since it will then apply to everything else you do as well. Rather you should try to work within the constraints of the in-game sensitivity if possible, only changing your mouse settings if necessary.

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Where should I put my Sensitivity?

The biggest question most people ask is where their sensitivity should be in order to improve. I myself have looked into this, as I was quite good at console shooters, but found my aim slightly off on PC, without the aim assist. The general consensus is to put your sensitivity as low as possible, without hurting your general performance. Since your mouse will be moving much slower, it will be a lot harder to pass over your target, giving you a lot more time to actually stop on them and aim accurately.

Obviously, this also leads to you playing much slower, and you should be gradually increasing your sensitivity as soon as you can. At some point, you’ll probably increase it too high and have to adjust back down. It should always be a learning process, but erring on the lower end. Start with lower sensitivity and moving slow. Once you’ve mastered that, move up to the next notch and move a bit faster. Make sure you’ve fully mastered that difficulty, then move on to the next one again. This process will take a long time, and you won’t feel any drastic jumps in improvement. However, it’s the most reasonable method of improving your aiming through manipulating your sensitivity.

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Are there any other tricks?

There are some tricks in order to manipulate your sensitivity. The biggest trick is to switch your built-in mouse sensitivity on the fly. Many gaming mice have multiple DPI settings available, and a fast method to swap between them. Restrict it down to two settings that you’ll be swapping between, then just hit the button any time you want your sensitivity to snap lower.

This is useful in particular for sniping or general aiming down sights. When you aim in you are moving a significantly larger distance with the same movement of the mouse. In order to offset this, having a much lower sensitivity set for when you aim down sights can be a huge help, particularly when you’re still getting the hang of a game. Simply aim down your sights, tap your button to change your mouse DPI, and aim. Then when you’re done, tap it again to return to normal. This obviously requires a mouse with the settings available, and an easy way to swap between two settings. If you’re looking for a mouse that is specifically designed for this, the Logitech G502 has a button on the side that’s the only purpose is to swap DPI settings when you aim down sights. It even has a crosshair on it!

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If you’re actually looking for an Overwatch DPI Calculator, then go here. It will show you all the specific numbers you’re looking for. However, if what you’re really looking for is sensitivity training, you’re looking to adjust your sensitivity, primarily in game. Most people agree that in order to improve you should set your sensitivity as low as possible, then increase it gradually. If you can get used to each sensitivity as you go, you should improve over time.

If you want to actually use DPI to make yourself better, many mice come with easy buttons to change your DPI settings on the fly. Make use of that to decrease your sensitivity drastically while you aim down sites. But when it comes down to it, most of your improvement will come down to just that, improvement. Play a lot and test different settings to find what you love!

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