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The only hub you need for the latest Overwatch news, including Overwatch 2 updates, league schedules, patch notes and anniversary events.

April 2022

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta

  • Overwatch 2 PvP Beta is Now Live
    • In the beta, players will be able to check out the 33rd hero Sojourn, all the new hero updates, the brand-new Push game mode, and the five vs. five rework.
    • The beta is limited to PC players only, but Blizzard plans to open it up to console players in the future
    • Players who link their Battle.net account to Twitch and watch at least four hours of live streams from certain creators can receive beta access
    • The beta will last until May 17

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event

  • Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix Event
    • The Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 1 is one of the three anniversary events for this year
    • This particular event went live on April 5 and will run through April 26; just in time before the closed Overwatch 2 beta starts
    • The event allows players to participate in past events and earn “remixed” versions of some of the game’s best skins
    • The six remixed Legendary skins coming to the event are Zealot Zenyatta, Mage Mercy, Demon Genji, Evermore Reaper, White Cat D.Va, and Steelhardt Reinhardt

March 2022

Overwatch 2 Beta Announced

  • Overwatch 2 Beta Date Revealed
    • Blizzard announced that the Overwatch 2 PvP beta would begin on April 26
    • Players can expect a new mode (Push) and hero (Sojourn)
    • To take part in the beta, players must sign up for admission at Overwatch’s official website

February 2022

Overwatch 2 Beta Release Date Announced

January 2022

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event

  • Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2022 Event Now Live
    • Blizzard’s annual Lunar New Year event for Overwatch (for the Year of the Tiger) will run from January 25 to February 15
    • The event will bring back last year’s Bounty Hunter and Capture the Flag Blitz game mode
    • Two new Legendary-tier skins, Seolbim Mercy and Nezha Tracer, were released for the event
    • Players can unlock a variety of cosmetics by completing the three weekly challenges that are featured

December 2021

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event – December

  • Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event
    • Winter Wonderland is Overwatch’s annual event for December
    • The event features a batch of new holiday-themed skins such as Reindeer Orisa
    • Limited-time games modes (Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Snowball Deathmatch, Yeti Hunt, 4v4 Freezethaw Elimination) are also back
    • Winter Wonderland will run from December 16 to January 6

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