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Although Pharah fits in Tier 4 of the Overwatch Meta for almost all competitive levels, she’s still a beloved hero even when she’s hard to play. Pharah’s maneuvers and attacks may seem complex but fun for the new players and she’s definitely lethal when it comes to using her in maps like Temple of Anubis (first point), Volskaya Industries, Eichenwalde, Nepal and Ilios. So, it’s no wonder players would like to know about Overwatch Pharah Skins!

Pharah, born Fareeha Amari, is a special heroine with a great sense of justice and valor. She has the Eye of Horus (or Wedjet) tattooed on her face, this name is derived from the Egyptian “wadj” (green) and “iaret” which means “risen one”. This eye is a symbol of protection, perfectly fitting Pharah, and it fits even more when you find out it refers to a rising cobra.

Fareeha was really close to her mom (Ana Amari) and when she found out that she was killed in action, she decided to honor her memory with the wedjet (or wadjet) tattoo. This heroine has strong Egyptian influence and it shows on her brown skin, her dark hair and the many features that depict Egyptian culture and mythology.

Basic Skins

Aside from the blue classic skins, there are four skins with different colors: Amethyst, Copper, Titanium, and Emerald. The classic skin features a mecha-like armor with thrusters on the back (Hover Jets). The helmet has a falcon shape with hints of gold. She has a rocket launcher on her left arm and the main weapon is another rocket launcher but properly big!

The whole appearance clearly references the falcon-god Horus, which was known to be a deity of the skies and protector of the pharaoh. Horus = Pharah. Protector = Overwatch. Do I need to say more?

Epic Skins

Anubis and Jackal

These are still basic skins but they have a different feature, the dog helmet that resembles a jackal or Anubis, a character from the Egyptian mythology. One is black and the other is white, to fit your different needs.


This skin is very similar to the classic one but with a spooky purple color with a ghostly glow shining from some parts of the armor.  She’s also missing her face tattoo, replacing the feature with blank eyes, pale skin, and dark eyeliner. The Possessed Pharah skin can be obtained in Halloween Loot Boxes and it was launched in 2016.


The armor imitates a mirror as if the plates are made of shiny blue ice. Stalagmites rise from various part of the suit and she’s clearly frozen. This skin was introduced in 2016 with the special event Winter Wonderland.

Legendary Skins


Well, it’s the epitome of the Egyptian culture and Pharah’s connection to her ancestors. The armor shines with a golden color with hints of clear blue. The helmet presents a cobra with wings and her shoulders are also serpent-like.

In her waist she wears a belt with an ankh, an ancient symbol with an interesting meaning: life; and it was commonly associated with gods. The symbol was used by Egyptians as an amulet of strength and health. Pharah’s hair and makeup resemble Cleopatra, a queen of Egypt. Also, the weapon combines with the armor, showing its cobra features.

Mechaqueen and Raptorion

It’s definitely a reference to anime culture and the mecha genre. I’m not saying the skin was actually made having the Gundam series in mind, but it’s highly relatable to it and many more animes where our beloved heroes fight for justice just as Pharah wearing a great mecha suit.  You can’t deny how badass Pharah looks rocking that 80’s piece of fashion!

Raindancer and Thunderbird

The eagle is one of the most symbolic and revered creatures for the Native American Indians, the theme for these two skins. For a person, to be given an eagle feather was the highest honor in this indigenous culture. The eagle represents freedom, strength, and courage amongst other things and it practically describes Pharah, who flies upon the skies making justice rain from above.

The back thrusters are just like wings and the helmet and some parts like the wrist rocket, chest and shoulders represent more birds. She also has paint on her face and two braids that represent her Native American style. The weapon is beautifully crafted like a totem with some feathers. Definitely one of the best skins of the game.

Security Chief

This one leaves behind the sci-fi-mecha feeling of the classic skin to turn into a military suit. It stops being a metallic armor and becomes more like an outfit perfect to withstand any kind of attack. This is the clothing she wore as the Security Chief of Helix Security International, the private security firm she joined after Overwatch’s disbandment, and it was later when she got the Raptora Mark VI (her classic skin) and the name “Pharah.”

The security chief skin is unlocked with the purchase of “Overwatch: Origins Edition” or “Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition.”


The term “Bedouin” means “those in the desert” and it refers to a group of nomadic Arabs who inhabited the desert regions of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. She wears a Keffiyeh headdress, a typical scarf worn by Arabs to protect themselves from sunburn and sand.

I’m not sure if she has tattoos or just paint on her face but Bedouin women usually tattooed their faces which symbolized protection in battles and wars. Also, she has the equal to Arabian shoes in her armor along with some pieces of jewelry like her big earrings. A true Bedouin nomad. This skin was available in the Anniversary loot boxes.


The dragon is the only creature in the Chinese zodiac that has the ability to fly, so it’s not a surprise that this “animal” is bound to Pharah through this green colored skin with dragon helmet and Chinese features.Dragons in Chinese mythology are known for their mastery over weather and water, just like Pharah when it’s time for a rocket downpour!

And the best part for me: the weapon looks like a Chinese firework shooter that has a barrel hidden with a beautiful dragon head. The skin is obtainable through 2018’s Lunar Year loot boxes.

Concluding the Skin Trip

Like other heroes, Pharah has classic, rare and epic skins which are affordable at some point and of course, the legendary skins. Some of them are obtained by participating in seasonal events as a reward in special loot boxes or by buying them with the game’s currency.

However you obtain them, via buying them or just with luck, it’s always fun to collect skins and it’s even more interesting to learn about the hidden facts about your favorite hero’s skins. What are you waiting to get them? Get all the loot boxes!

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