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Overwatch Tips and Tricks for Newbies and Veterans

Overwatch Tips and Tricks
By | December 17th, 2018 | Categories: Others

Overwatch is a gorgeous, colorful, lore-rich game, but sometimes, it can be hard to approach. As someone who’s racked up over 800 hours on it, I’m still learning some of the intricacies that make me better every day. Here, in this Overwatch Tips and Tricks guide, I’m going to take you through some of the best insider things that I wish I’d known earlier!

Who is this guide for?

Everyone. For the person who’s never played. For the person who’s played thousands of hours. For anyone who’s curious. For you. This isn’t geared towards any group in particular. This is a guide for every single player, regardless of main, rank, experience, or anything else. There’s a little something in here for everyone. Read on, and I’ll prove it.

Should I run off on my own?

No. For, for the sake of everything holy, no. This is a team game, and everyone has to pull their part. Does that mean you all have been bunched up? Not necessarily. But, whoever you are playing, make sure everyone’s pushing towards a common goal!

I just started, and I ran into a God that’s never played before?

That’s most likely a smurf account, which means that they’re a high-level player who’s created a new account to play. No, it isn’t illegal, but don’t worry. Within an hour or two, the game will pick up on the experience discrepancy and put them with their proper rank.

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Who should I Main?

A Main is a hero you play the most. As far as who it should be, well, that’s entirely up to you! Some heroes are harder to play than others, but at the selection screen, you can toggle information about each character, where it’ll show either one star (easiest), two star (harder), or three star (hardest). I’m a Hanzo main, who’s an archer. He’s a three-star, and so you might think I’m really good because I main a harder character, right? Not necessarily. I’ve met some beasts that are one stars and two stars.

Pick the hero you like the most, regardless of difficulty. The difficulty ratings are mostly for your convenience. Nobody looks at a Reinhardt (1 star) and says, gee, well, he’s good ‘cause he’s an easy character.

Also, some people like to play a lot of different characters a bunch, and that’s fine! You don’t have to main anyone. Other people prefer to master only one character. I, personally, have spent a lot of time on my Hanzo, then my next five or six each have fifty or sixty hours just because I felt like playing them. I’ve also met someone who’s played well over a thousand hours on one character (Genji) and less than five hours on everyone else. It’s preference.

Who should I play?

This is, actually, quite a different question from the previous one. I love playing DPS (damage per second) characters, but when my team needs a tank, I’ll whip out Reinhardt and play him! There’s something to be said about playing whoever you want at all times, but there’s something also be said about being a team player. Every class has a different thrill, and some people only like playing healers, or DPS, or Tanks, and that’s fine!

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Who is the best Hero?

Junkrat. Mercy. Reinhardt. Lucio. Widowmaker. Mei. Reaper. The list goes on. Yeah, there’s no real answer to this. There is no ‘best’ hero. It’s a funny thing, because it’s something that only exists at the start. After a while, you come across every hero that is just amazingly talented, and you begin to realize that this varies on a lot of factors.

There isn’t a best healer, or a best tank, or a best DPS. There are, however, best times to use various heroes, and I’ll go into that next.

What’s the best time for a Hero?

This is a bit polarizing, but there is definitely a good time to play a certain character… and a terrible time. There’s no exact rule, but let me toss you an example: you’re holding the point, which means that you’re supposed to hold down a certain, small location against the other team. You have all small characters and only one big fella with a lot of health. Conversely, the other team is almost all tanks, so they’re huge and have tons of health.

This would be the incorrect time to snipe.

This is, in fact, the correct time to play someone large or capable of putting out a lot of close-quarters damage (for example, Reaper) so the tanks on the other team don’t just storm the point and kill everyone quickly.

Play the map. Play to your team’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m not a person that’s going to tell you that you need any particular combination, but generally, six DPS characters (or six healers or six tanks) is not going to be as successful as a healthy combination of classes.

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How can I improve my aim?

Overwatch has some default settings for every character, and they do a solid job at it! I don’t want to overwhelm you by listing out all the dozens of settings, but here’s something you might want to try: go your settings for individual characters and change things until you find what you like, but take a screenshot of the original in case you don’t like it and change back.

For example, I was an awful Widowmaker (a sniper). I went in and turned the aiming to Exponential Ramp from Dual-Zone, 35 Vertical Sensitivity, 40 for Horizontal, and I flittered around with some of the aim assist options until I liked it. I also changed my crosshairs from the default to a green dot. The combination has turned me into a much, much more dangerous Widowmaker. The point is that, sometimes, the reason a character is difficult is because of the settings.


In this Overwatch Tips and Tricks guide, I took you through some of the basic things that you need to know in order to get the best experience possible. Some were geared more towards beginners, but others towards veterans who’ve been on Overwatch for quite a while. Regardless, the point of the game is to enjoy yourself and, hopefully, win. Especially when starting out, don’t put too much worry into mains. Just try out the heroes and see what suits you the best.

Until next time, get out there and have yourself some fun!

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