Overwatch Trophy Guide to Get Things Going

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There are quite a few trophies (or achievements, depending on your system) for Overwatch. There are two for every champion, as well as a handful of generic achievements. They vary in difficulty, from fairly easy to incredibly hard. In fact, there are some that are so difficult that you’re probably going to need a group for help with. But hey, that’s why you’re here reading our Overwatch Trophy Guide!

What’s the point?

First off, there’s no point in collecting all the trophies other than personal achievement. In-game you can get some sprays, but that’s about it. If you’re playing on a console you can collect a few points or trophies, but there’s nothing more than that. Since Overwatch is one of the hardest games to get all the trophies for, you’d be foolish to pick it up for that sole purpose. Instead, it’s much better to play the game and have them happen as they come. Treat them as a surprising bonus, not a goal.

That said, if you’re still gung ho on getting them all, we’ll do our best to walk you down the right path.

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How do I start?

The best way to start your goal of getting all the trophies – at least if you want to get most of them legitimately – is to simply play a ton of Overwatch. There are some trophies that you’ll probably need help for anyway, but for the rest, I would try to enjoy myself and earn them naturally. That said, even the easier ones can be very difficult. Your best bet for earning a vast majority of the trophies will be to play Overwatch until you know the game like the back of your hand. Be sure to play a variety of heroes, since the trophies will require proficiency in every hero.

Just by naturally playing you should get a ton of the trophies. By level 100 I had around half of them, as a particularly sub-par player. There are also quite a few that can be aimed towards without having to cheat. For example, most of the ultimate use trophies can be manipulated. Don’t use your Reaper ult until the absolute perfect time in order to aim for the trophy for killing four enemies with a single use. Don’t do the most strategic method of playing, or the best, but aim for the trophies. Obviously, do this in Quick Play as it will likely be easier, and people won’t be upset with you for ruining their ranked games.

Which is another relevant point, almost every trophy states that they must be earned in “Quick or Competitive Play.” This means that they cannot be earned in any of the other game modes, despite likely being easier in several of the others. This is to avoid abuse, particularly in the custom modes such as Total Mayhem where ultimates can be spammed.

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Are there any other trophies I should know about?

When I said you should play the game, you should really play the game. In addition to the trophies for various champion specific feats, there are also trophies for your overall account accomplishments. These include hitting level 25, hitting level 50, earning medals at the end of games, and earning 50 unlocks for a single champion.

All of this stuff will come through general gameplay. Since you have to level up and play quite a bit anyway, this just jives perfectly with the fact that you’ll be able to get many of the trophies through natural gameplay. Most of the other generic trophies will come easily through natural gameplay, such as capping both points in one map without stopping or preventing the enemy from touching the payload, etcetera. These may sound difficult, but over hundreds of hours they are extremely easy and would be shocking if you didn’t have them.

The last trophy from this category will likely be the one for winning 100 games in Quick or Competitive play. The only thing to remember about this is that only those two mods count. The others, while more fun, won’t contribute to this particular trophy – or most of the others. In order to properly work towards getting all of the trophies to be sure that you stick to Quick and Competitive play as religiously as possible.

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What about the really tough trophies?

There are a few trophies which will require some particularly interesting situations, and are probably better off finding a group to complete with. One trophy in particular caused me to seek out an Overwatch Trophy Guide myself, the Zenyatta one for getting four kills or assists with the Orb of Discord within six seconds. You can barely throw it that fast, far less accurately hit each target that is about to die. In order to get this and other trophies that just aren’t feasible, turn to the internet.

You can look for groups on trophy seeking sites such as PS3 trophies (this one for playstation users only obviously). Try to find a full group willing to help you get the trophies you are missing, and you in turn help them get theirs. It will take quite a while, especially since you guys have to randomly be matched together, manipulated by a bit of time management. Once you’ve found a good group it should be fairly simple to knock out the trophies you are missing.

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If you’re reading out Overwatch Trophy Guide, you probably want to get all the remaining trophies/achievements in your Overwatch game. The best way to get started is just by playing a ton of Overwatch and getting good at the game. Once you’ve gotten the vast majority of trophies, make use of some online communities to find people to help with the particularly difficult ones. With a lot of skill, some friends, and a decent amount of luck, you too can have all the trophies in Overwatch!

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