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PA Research Collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute

By | May 4th, 2014 | Categories: Others

PlayerAuctions is pleased to announce a key collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute.

A research to examine the social and economic impact of gaming by Oxford Internet Institute. Guest author, Vili Lehdonvirta, explains more about the project and what it aims to achieve.

Many people today earn money from online work: for example working as a virtual assistant through sites like Elance, doing paid micro tasks through platforms like MTurk, or selling gaming services and virtual goods through markets like PlayerAuctions. A new research project that aims to examine the social and economic impacts of these types of work has started at the Oxford Internet Institute., University of Oxford, in collaboration of GIBS Business School, University of Pretoria. The project team consists of Dr Mark Graham, Dr Vili Lehdonvirta, Professor Helena Barnard, and Dr Isis Hjorth.

In this project, we are interested in questions like where in the world are different types of online work conducted, how is online work organized, how much do the people involved earn, and what kinds of skills do they develop in the course of performing their work. The project builds on our earlier research in this area, including a report published by the World Bank.

As part of the project, we are planning to collaborate with PlayerAuctions to examine the distribution of gaming services and virtual goods trade around the world. Results will be published in this blog in the form of infographics. Later on, we also hope to reach out to individual providers on PlayerAuctions to ask if they would be willing to be interviewed about their role in the online gaming economy.

We hope that the PlayerAuctions community will support us in this important and exciting research project. Any questions or comments can be sent via email to vili.lehdonvirta@oii.ox.ac.uk.

More details on the project’s scientific background are available on the project homepage.

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