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Our PC Gamer Giveaway Winner for the DaVinci 3D Printer

PC Gamer Giveaway
By | March 1st, 2018 | Categories: Interviews, Others

Our recent product giveaway involved 1 winner, who won a Davinci 3D printer worth $250, shipped by us. Here’s what Max P had to say about our PC Gamer Giveaway and PlayerAuctions.

Feedback from Our Winner

1) Do you know about PlayerAuctions?


2) Are you using our site or would you be interested in using it for your game-trading needs?

Yes.  I’ve been using PlayerAuctions since 2012.  Overall, only a small number of times over the years, but it’s been very convenient when I need it.

3) What are your favorite games (past and current)?

I have a long history of gaming so in an effort to keep it concise for the past; I’ll stick with my favorite of the recent past, which is undoubtedly The Witcher 3. It’s a game with flaws for sure, but I’ve rarely been so engrossed with a experience as deeply and for as long as I was with The Witcher:

  • The incredible and unique soundtrack that comfortably sits among my all-time favorites.
  • The beautiful world ranging from muddy death-laden battlefields to actual fairytale kingdoms.
  • The large cast of well voiced and written characters with their own personality.
  • The healthy coat of interesting slavic lore and mythology that reaches out and touches almost everything.
  • The consumer appreciation and respect is shown by developers (and self-publisher) themselves, releasing the game entirely DRM-free and producing two reasonably priced expansions that are in many ways award-winning in their own right, among other things.

The list could go on, so rarely does a game of this scope stick the landing on so many of its different aspects on offer.  Not everyone likes or appreciates the game, but I would recommend just about anyone to give it a go.

For something more current, I recently completed last year’s Prey and I was very impressed.  It’s a very solid entry in the immersive sim genre that largely apart from Dishonored hasn’t seen a lot of new AAA blood in the past years.  Raycevick created an excellent Prey video a few months ago, my own thoughts line up quite well with his and he does a far better job of breaking things down than I ever could in such a format.  I’d just like to link that here and encourage anyone who isn’t familiar with Prey to at least give it a watch; it should be an interesting watch if nothing else.

4) Do you know about 3D printers, or have you used one before?

I’m familiar with the concept and workings of 3D printers but haven’t owned one myself. It should be a fun learning experience.

5) What creations do you plan on making once you receive the XYZ da Vinci Jr. 3D printer?

I’ll just have to experiment and find out.  🙂

6) Where did you find about our Amazon 3D printer giveaway?

From the PlayerAuctions blog; it was by proxy of a friend showing me a previous PUBG code giveaway, which I was lucky enough to also be one of the three winners in that drawing.  I read a few posts; saw the page for the other giveaways and a 3D printer sounded fun, so I entered.

7) What sites or channels do you usually use to find giveaways like these?

Fairly boring answer; I don’t follow anything specifically for giveaways.  I’m most often aware of them from already being familiar with the source, such as in this case already being on and using PlayerAuctions.  Other times as previously mentioned, a friend or person I follow will share something about it.  The rest of it is usually a specific community or members of organizing a giveaway relevant to the interests of that community.  A subreddit dedicated to a specific game giving away codes for that game for example, of which I’ve done a handful of myself.

For info about our freebie, check out our previous DaVinci 3D Printer Giveaway.

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