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persona 3 monthly guide
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The Persona series is known for its Social Links and RPG mechanics that spur character growth outside of visiting dungeons. Character personality stats are a staple mechanic in all Persona games, and P3R is no exception. Doing certain activities during your free days is vital to increasing your personality traits needed to unlock certain Social Links. Much of the game is centered around finding a nice balance to complete all Social Links to get the most powerful Personas and finish the story with the best possible ending. This guide will detail the schedule of all activities from April to June to maximize your time, as well as the answers to all school questions on specific days. If you’re looking for other games like Persona 3, check PlayerAuctions.

April Daily Schedule Walkthrough

April is the first month in Persona 3, and throughout this period, it will be primarily story-focused, so there isn’t much time to increase your social stats. From April 7 to April 20, much of your time will be spent in the game’s prologue, so you don’t have as much control over your schedule. Once you reach the 21st, you will have access to the entire day, afternoon, and night cycle to spend your time with.

On April 21, go to the Nurse’s Office at school and take the offer to drink a mysterious concoction, which provides a point for your Courage stat. Take note of Mr. Edogawa whenever you visit Tartarus, as he will always provide you with this mystery shot whenever you’re Tired from exploring the tower.  After that, you may freely do any activity that will provide social skill points. In the evening, visit Tartarus and level as much as you can until you can reach Floor 5.

Upon reaching April 22, start Kenji’s Social Link after school and then eat at Wakkatsu for some points in Academics. For the 23rd, get started on Kazushi’s Social Link by visiting the gym building and joining the Track club, and in the evening, return to Tartarus and reach Floor 11 if you can. 

On the 24th, go back to the Nurse’s Office for more Courage points then continue Kazushi’s Social Link to Level 2. When Yuko offers to walk with you on the way home, say yes to start her Social Link, then eat at Wilduck Burger in the evening for even more Courage.

For April 25, get the Persimmon Leaf in the Corridor area of the school, visit the Bookworms Book Store in Paulownia Mall, and give it to the old couple to begin their Social Link, then eat at Wakkatsu tonight. For the next day, continue their Social Link and then reach Floor 22 of Tartarus in the evening.

On April 27, you may now join the Student Council organization and start Hidetoshi’s Social Link. Tonight, work at Chagall Cafe to get some cash and a few Charm and Courage points.

For April 28, talk to Chihiro for the first time, but she will initially refuse to speak to you. You will have to try to talk to her once a day before you can begin her Social Link. After talking to her, hang out with the Track club to continue Kazushi’s Social Link. Then, play House of the Deceased to further increase your Courage for the night.

On April 29, stay at home and play Innocent Sin in your room to start Maya’s Social Link. After that, go to the dorm’s Shared Computer and study there for an Academic boost before the day ends.

Finally, on April 30, stay awake in class for a free Academic boost. In your free time, check in on Chihiro to break the ice for her future Social Link by saying “I’m a guy” in her dialogue options. Then, head to the new 3rd floor of Paulownia Mall to the internet cafe and purchase software that gives social stat points. Return to the Old Couple again for the third time to get another Social Link level with them. If you follow the schedule here, you should be able to unlock Bebe’s Social Link at the same time. Tonight, head to Tartarus to continue leveling and gaining more Personas for fusion.

Class Room Answers

  • April 8: Vivid Carp Streamers
  • April 18: Middens
  • April 27: Option A

May Daily Schedule Walkthrough

There are two major events to look out for: The Full Moon operation and the mid-term exams.

May 1 will have a mandatory story even in the afternoon, but the evening will be free, so use it to play House of the Deceased for more Courage.

On May 2, talk to Chihiro again for the third time and offer to hang out with her on the dialogue options. Then, hang out with Yuko to gain more Social Link points with her. In the evening, play House of the Deceased in the arcade.

May 3 to 5 is the Golden Week Holiday, which means you can do extra activities. Starting on May 3, buy something from the TV       shopping event and hang out with Maya, then use the Courage boosting program in the Shared Computer for the night.

On May 4, take on Kazushi’s offer to hang out and head to Club Escapade to purchase URLs that give you the Ambush ability and other boosts to your social stats and Links, then work at Chagall Cafe in the evening.

On the last day of Golden Week, on May 5, continue socializing with Maya for the day and eat at Hagakure Ramen before the next day.

On May 6, head to Naganaki Shrine and speak to the girl near the jungle gym. She will ask you to bring her some food and drink. First, head to the Iwatodai Strip Mall and buy a Weird Takoyaki in the Octopia store. Then buy a Mad Bull from the nearby vending machine. Give these to her to unlock Maiko’s Social Link. By this point, you should have Bebe’s Social Link unlocked, so head to the Home Economics room in school and get started on his story. In the evening, eat at Wakatsu.

May 7 should be the day that will start Chihiro’s Social Link if she offers to walk home with you and then eat at Wakatsu again. Hang out with Kenji after class the next day, then head to Tartarus to grind levels and items for the Full Moon Operation. May 9 will be dedicated solely to the Full Moon Operation, so there’s nothing else to do at this date.

May 10 will unlock Elizabeth’s requests which grant you special items upon completion, while also opening the next block of Tartarus for you. Buy whatever is offered on the TV shopping channel and hang out with Maya. Eat at Wakatsu before heading to bed for the night.

Stay awake in class on May 11 for extra Academics. Speak to Maiko after school for her Social Link. In the evening, speak to Yukari to get the Pine Resin for the first Elizabeth request, accept her second request for a game console, and buy some discounted gear at the police station to prepare for the Arqa block. Use the rest of the night to advance towards Floor 28.

May 12 will introduce the SEES Hangout mechanic, which isn’t a proper Social Link but will be great for increasing social stats. Since you went to Tartarus last night, get your free Courage concoction at the Nurse’s Office. After that, take Junpei’s offer to hang out after school. Speak to Junpei again in the evening to get the game console that Elizabeth requested, head to Paulownia Mall to complete the request, and eat at Wilduck Burger for some stats.

May 13 and 14 will have the same activity, which is visiting the Old Couple for more points after school. For nights, push through Floor 34 to get to the checkpoint on the 13th and eat at Wakatsu on the 14th.

On May 15, eat at Wakatsu after class and attend the group study session with Mitsuru and Akihiko in the Dorm Lounge to gain Academic points. On the 16th, stay awake again in class, then hang out with Maiko for her Social Link. Take the evening to study again with SEES in the lounge.

On the last day before midterms, May 17, stay at home and play with Maya while buying something in the TV shopping channel. Study once again with SEES in the lounge to prepare for the exams.

From May 18 to 22, all your free time will be spent doing the midterm exams. Should you follow this schedule, you will have enough Academics to get a high enough grade to be a top student. However, you still need to get the right answers to the multiple-choice questions throughout the week, so take a look at the Class Room Answers to get the maximum reward for the midterm event.

For May 23, hang out with Yuko, then head to Floor 42 of Tartarus. Tomorrow on the 24th, stay at home and hang out with Maya. Eat at Wakatsu before starting the next week.

The midterm grades will be released on the 25th and getting the top score will give a massive amount of Charm points along with different Incenses from Mitsuru that temporarily boost you combat stats. Hang out with the Track team after school, and later, Ikutsuki will tell you about his gardening project. Plant a tomato seed in the grower, then eat dinner at Wilduck.

Spend time with Chihiro in the afternoon, then eat at Hagakure Ramen on May 26. On May 27, hang out with Bebe and clear the last remaining floors of the Arqa block in Tartarus. Hang out with Kenji on May 28 and eat at Wakatsu again. Repeat the process with Kenji on May 29 but stick around for Akihiko’s story in the evening.

May 30 introduces the next Social Link, Nozomi. Bring an Odd Morsel to him and answer his questions correctly to unlock it. In the evening, play the You’re The Answer game on the arcade. Level up Nozomi’s Social Link again on the 31st and eat at Wakatsu for the night.

Class Room Answers

  • May 6: A Pantograph
  • May 13: Pendulum
  • May 15: May Blues
  • May 19: May Blues
  • May 20: Pendulum
  • May 21: Electricity
  • May 22: Jomon

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