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After July’s final exams, much of August will be free with no school, but that leaves all the school-related Social Links locked out until September. This is both a blessing and a curse with a greater focus on the other Social Links that are not related to Gekkokan High. If you’re curious about other games like Persona 3, check PlayerAuctions.

August Daily Schedule

Continuing the Special Track Training event from last month, August 1 and 2 will see your after-school phases occupied by training with only your nights free, so take the first night to hang out with President Tanaka and the second night to eat in Wakatsu.

On the 3rd of August, two more people will be lost in Tartarus, Shuichi Niimura and Yasuko Murabayashi. First, spend time with Maiko and immediately head to Tartarus to rescue the missing persons. Shuuichi can be found between Floors 78 and 71, while Yasuko can be found between Floors 83 and 89. Once they’re rescued, continue along Tartarus until you reach the border of the Monad block.

The 4th and 5th are uneventful, so hang out with Nozomi in the day, Tanaka in the night, then Maiko on the 5th, and end the night with the You’re The Answer arcade game.

August 6 is when this month’s Full Moon Operation will occur, so hopefully, you prepared well for this event. August 7 introduces the next Social Link character, Hayase, who can be found in the Iwatodai Strip Mall and requires high Courage to even interact with him, but by this point you should have enough Courage to start with him. After meeting Hayase, eat in Hagakure for the night.

On August 8, Koromaru will join your party and will also open up more parts of Tartarus. For the day, go with Maiko and explore the rest of Tartarus tonight, up to Floor 105 if possible. August 9 is the last free day before you start summer school, so for this day, hang out with Maya and, by then, reach her maximum rank. Tonight, eat out in Wakatsu.

August 10 to 15 will be occupied by Summer School, as Mitsuru will forcibly sign you up for this event. While you cannot do anything within that week, you will gain 2 Academic points per day, so at least that time is not wasted.  The 16th is the Summer Festival, which occupies the whole day and  allows you to pick a girl that you wish to gain more affinity with, so choose at your discretion

On the 17th, go TV shopping again, and then go out with Nozomi. End the night at Wakatsu again. Repeat the day again on the 18th, but head straight to Tartarus tonight and try to reach Floor 118.

The 19th will bring in another missing persons case, named Satsuki Onozuka. In the morning, hang out with Maiko and eat in Wakatsu. On the 20th, go out with Nozomi, then sit through a story cutscene. When it’s done, play the You’re The Answer arcade game. For August 21, go out with Hayase and eat in Wakatsu.

By August 22, you should be done with Maiko’s Social Linki once you hang out with her for this day. Tonight, spend time with President Tanaka. On the 23rd, Akinari will be available in Naganaki Shrine. To start, he’ll ask you for a pen. Go to Koromaru in Iwatodai Dorm and get the pen from him. Return to Akinari to begin his Social Link. Get dinner in Wakatsu once more.

On August 24, eat out with Nozomi and eat again in Wakatsu. Do the same routine on the 25th, but hang out with President Tanaka tonight. For August 26, continue with Hayase’s story and eat at the restaurant. On August 27, rotate again with Nozomi and dine in the same place as usual.  For August 28, Ken Amada will become part of SEES and officially join your party. Once that story beat is done, continue the same routine as yesterday. By the 29th, you should finally be done with Nozomi’s Social Link as well as Tanaka’s Social Link if you hung out with both of them on that day.

On the 30th, go to Akinari and level his Social Link. The rest of your night will be spent clearing the rest of Tartarus and completing the missing persons case. The first missing person is located between Floors 100 and 104, while the second is found between Floors 106 and 111. When that’s done, clear the boss Shadows on this part of Tartarus.

Lastly, go out with Ken to the movie theater for a major boost in Courage and cap off the month with a game of You’re The Answer at the arcade.

Classroom Answers

August is the school break, and classes are closed for the month.

September Daily Schedule

The month of September is finally here, and school is back on track This means all the student Social Links can be done again. As usual, stay prepared for the Full Moon Operation and keep leveling your social stats to unlock more Social Links.

For September 1, get done and dusted with Kazushi’s Social Link and reach max level. In the evening, use the School X Forum Note on the Shared Computer. September 2 will have a mandatory story event, leaving only your evening free. This night will finally set you free from Wakatsu as you finally max out your Academics personality once you eat tonight.

September 3 will add one missing person to the roster, named Reiko Makita. You must rescue her by tomorrow, so tonight, you must go to Tartarus to save her.  She can be found on Floors 101 to 117. Take the rest of the evening grinding for the upcoming Full Moon Operation. For now, hang out with Kenji to continue the Magician Social Link. September 4 will have Mitsuru hand you an envelope to deliver to Aragaki, but hold off on that request for now. In the meantime, hang out with Bebe and eat in Hagakure for dinner.

The 5th is when the Full Moon Operation will take place. The 6th is a Sunday, so buy another TV shop item, hang out with Akinari, and get a Wilduck Burger for the night. You will continue Odagiri’s Social Link on the 7th and max out your Charm stat after eating in Hagakure for this date. Now, only your Courage stat is left to level.

On September 8, go out with Chihiro and eat another Wilduck Burger. On the 9th, hang out with Yuko to reach level 4 and learn about the monk in Club Escapade, Mutatsu. You will need Courage rank 4 to talk to him, but by this point you should be able to meet the requirement. Tonight, get one last meal in Wilduck Burger to finally max out your Courage stat.

For September 10, there will be more floors added in Tartarus, and this will be the day that you can and should start Yukari’s Social Link. She can be found in your classroom after school. Tonight, first take on Elizabeth’s request for a Fruit Knife, then head to Club Escapade and speak to Mutatasu. He’ll ask you for a drink. Speak to the bartender, and he’ll request that you fill out all the other patrons’ orders. Follow this order of drinks to continue:  Margarita, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and Oolong Tea. Once that’s done, you can now start his Social Link

On the 11th, hang out with Kenjiu after school. Then, speak to Aragaki for the Fruit Knife, return to Elizabeth, and take on the next request for Machine Oil. After that, push through Tartarus up to Floor 126. Next, on the 12th, Bunkichi, one of the bookstore owners, will be missing, and you have until October 3 to save him. He is an important missing person, as missing the deadline will permanently lock him out for the rest of the game. For now, go out with Yuko. In the evening, ask Aigis for the Machine Oil item, fulfill the request, and then return to Mutatsu for the next Social Link level.  On September 13, spend time with Akinari during the day and Mutatsu at night.

September 14 will unlock Fuuka’s Social Link since you have max Courage by this point in the game. Tonight, continue exploring Tartarus up to Floor 136. September 15 will also be the final level for Kenji’s Social Link once you hang out with him today. Tonight, spend time with Ken in the dorm for some story content. Tomorrow, on the 16th, hang out with Yuko and keep hanging with Ken in the dorm.  On September 17, go out with Chihiro and then hang out with Mutatsu.

You will skip those days from September 18 to 20 with a mandatory event and constant sleeping.

The 21st is the start of a holiday, so take the day off to hang out with Aragaki. Tonight, get through the first border of Tziah on Floor 144. September 22 announces the disappearance of two more people named Aki Kurobe and Yasunobo Shimozono. During the day, hang out with Koromaru and cook a meal with Aragaki in the evening.

For September 23, hang out with Hayase and then Akihiko tonight. On the 24th, go for Yukari and Mutatsu next. 25th is for Bebe and Mutatsu again. 26th is for Yuko and Mutatsu once more. 27th is Akinari for this Sunday and the monk for this month. 28th is spent with Odagiri and a cooking session with Mitsuru. 29th is with Chihiro and a gardening session with Fuuka. Lastly, on the 30th of September, go out with Yuko and cook with Akihiko.

Classroom Answers

  • September 1: Resistance
  • September 10: To Reveal A Secret
  • September 11: The Hermetica
  • September 14: Their soulmate
  • September 25: Tetractys

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