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Persona 3 Reload Servant Tower Guide

By | February 7th, 2024 | Categories: Others

Every so often in Persona 3 Reload, you’ll fight elite creatures guarding the floors of Tartarus. Your team will encounter these monsters during a full moon at the end of each cycle. The Servant Tower is one of the opponents you will have to face around the 47th floor. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat this gatekeeper. If you’re curious about other games like Persona 3, browse our collection at PlayerAuctions.

Servant Tower Overview

The Servant Tower is a stack of three statue heads adorned with stylish crowns. This boss is a gatekeeper, a Shadow that will prevent you from progressing to higher floors. On top of being a strong opponent, he also brings forth two Enslaved Cupids to help him in the fight. 

The Servant Tower has four abilities, he’ll userandomly throughout the fight. These attacks deal considerable damage, so bring a healing member. Here are all the boss’ skills:

  • Makouga – deal considerate light damage to the whole team
  • Assault Dive – deal considerate strike damage to a target
  • Melee – deal a weak attack to a target
  • Summon – calls forth an Enslaved Cupid

The Enslaved Cupid, who assists the boss, also has several skills that players should know. Theyir attacks don’t hurt as much, but they can still be a threat due to their buffs and debuffs. Here are all the abilities of the Enslaved Cupids:

  • Garula – deal considerate wind damage to a target
  • Tarukala – buff an ally’s attack for three turns
  • Pulinpa – a high chance to inflict confusion on a target
  • Provoke – high chance to inflict enrage on a target

The Servant Tower is the first boss of Arqa’s second half and is a more powerful version of most towers players have fought. While he should not be that difficult to fight, he will present a challenge for the unprepared. Players need to learn all its weaknesses and attack to defeat it. 

Servant Tower Location

The Servant Tower resides on the 47th floor of Tartarus and serves as the first boss of the Arqa block, which the Lascivious Lady and the Fleetfooted Cavalry follow. This wing spans from floors 44 to 69. You should be at least level 18 to ensure you are strong enough to beat the Servant Tower. This Shadow is categorized as a Tartarus Guardian boss, a more potent foe than the Story ones. 

How to Beat Servant Tower

The Servant Tower is a tricky enemy to deal with since it has incredible durability and multiple resistances. It has high resistance to ice and wind and can null fire and light attacks. On top of this, it can reflect electric damage to you. It is only vulnerable to darkness, making Berith a good Persona. 

While the Servant Tower can reflect electricity, you must bring electric-based characters to deal with the Enslaved Cupids. These mobs are vulnerable to electric attacks; you want to eliminate them immediately. Akihiko would be the best teammate to bring to take care of them quickly.

You should ensure you have Berith as the equipped person, as he is a must-have for this fight. You could take the Pale Rider Persona or Koromaru for this fight, but you will unlikely have them this early in the game. The main tactic is to use Ehia on the Servant Tower constantly and unleash an All-Out attack when available. The latter ability will also affect the Cupids on the side, which will most likely kill them. 

Unfortunately, the Enslaved Cupids will keep coming back as long as the Servant Tower can summon them. You will need Akihiko’s Zio to eliminate them whenever possible to prevent them from taking action. However, ensure that your electric attacks will not hit the Servant Tower because it will reflect to the team. 

Best Team Composition (MC with Bertith, Akihiko, Yukari, and Mitsuru)

Aside from the Protagonist with Berith and Akihiko, there are two more characters that you can bring along to the fight. You should ensure Yukari is on the team since you need her heals. She can’t help much in the offense since the Servant Tower is resistant to wind attacks, but she has practical healing abilities that make her irreplaceable. 

Since you need Physical Damage dealers, you might be tempted to bring Junpei, which is a bad idea. He is weak against wind attacks, making him susceptible to the Enslaved Cupids’ Garula. Instead, you can get Mitsuru since she has physical damage skills and status ailment moves.

Note: If you don’t have Akihiko by now, make sure you have a Persona with lightning attacks available.

Once you have beaten the Servant Tower, you can progress further into Tartarus. You may encounter weaker versions as you climb the steps, but they will be easier to deal with. However, don’t get complacent, as other Guardians still await you on higher floors.

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