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LawBreakers Blitzball
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The gaming community already has Warframe, Destiny, and Overwatch; do we need Lawbreakers, another sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS)? Well, that depends on whether it brings something other than technologically advanced settings, aesthetics, and guns to the table. Yes, this is a worthy addition to the subgenre! The different game modes, including LawBreakers Blitzball, make this title lucrative.

Jump Off The Cliff

In case you haven’t heard of the game, considering it didn’t receive much hype or fanfare, Lawbreakers is an FPS from Cliff Bleszinski (also known as CliffyB). He’s a renowned video game designer who played a huge role in the development of sci-fi FPS games, including Unreal Franchise, especially Unreal Tournament, and Gears of War.

So, what sets LawBreakers apart from CliffyB’s other games? The game is about falling and taking it to the sky, and knocking out your enemies in different ways. Now, you know how the developers of got the edgy and fitting title. Since the game is PVP-oriented, expect not only to be challenged in nailing your opponents but also get outplayed from time to time. After all, the game has a very high skill cap because it won’t let players rely on dirty tricks like cornering and camping, and in skills that can be bought with money, which makes the game hard, fair, and fun.

The Right Moves and 5 Play Modes

Aside from the gameplay, LawBreakers has eight huge and breathtaking maps that play a significant role in making the game enjoyable. In fact, each map features a different terrain and necessary set of objectives that must be met to attain victory. You’ll need teamwork and raw individual player skill. Don’t expect to win games by simply outplaying the opposition and racking kills. To up your replays, LawBreakers has five game modes:

  1. Occupy: requires engaging in an ever-shifting single zone to rack up points and win.
  2. Uplink: two teams fight for the objective piece (“The Uplink”). The first team to bring back the piece to their base achieves victory.
  3. Blitzball: a violent version of football where players must grab the ball and make it reach the enemy’s goal. The first team to score eight points wins. If you’re a football fan, or if you like rugged style sports combat, then this is the place to be.
  4. Turf War: two teams have to lock three zones throughout the map.
  5. Overcharge: fight for a battery that requires charging over time and bring it back to your base. The team that manages to secure a fully charged battery twice is the winner.

Classes and Price Tag

Aside from the gravity bending and breaking, another core of LawBreakers is its classes and heroes. There are two heroes for each class, and the game’s backstory features two factions: (1) Law and (2) Breaker, which gives players a whopping eighteen characters to choose. However, regardless of allegiance and aesthetics, characters of the same class share the same weapons and abilities. Besides, the player choice boils down to visual and personal preferences.

Lawbreakers is finally out in open beta and is currently on a pay-to-play model. The Core Edition is $29.99, while the Deadzo Deluxe Edition, which comes with a few freebies, is $39.99. If you want to get up on all the action, you’ll have to purchase a digital copy or buy an account.

Start fragging while flying! Make sure to drop a comment on what you think about the game modes, especially LawBreakers Blitzball.

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