Some Reasons to Have Pokemon Go Trading

Pokemon Go Trading
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Pokemon Go’s fifteen minutes of fame has come and gone, and not even the addition of the Gen II Pokemon was able to bring it back. So, what can Niantic do to bring back the public’s interest? Well, they can implement the two most anticipated features that the game should have: Pokemon Go Trading and battles.

The Motives

These two features are a mainstay of the main Pokemon games, and some multiplayer option is mostly present in any spin-off of the games (except perhaps the less popular ones). Well, that leaves the question of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Sure, there could be an argument that meeting fellow players while hunting for Pokemon is a type of multiplayer, but it’s shallow and ultimately unsatisfying.

Another reason for implementing trading is promoting region specific to spawns. Those who live near the sea get more water-type and similar Pokemon, while those who are in the city get more steel and rock-type. It will make collecting a little easier as the seaside player trades a common Pokemon for something they don’t find in their area. Also, there will finally be another option for multiples of one Pokemon other than just transferring them.

Nintendo has always been one to promote player interaction in their games. Super Smash Bros isn’t too fun when playing alone, and battling with other people is different compared to playing with a computer AI. Nothing can beat that feeling of landing a blue shell on the lead player and taking their spot in Mario Kart, complete with nicknames of “I hate you,” “you jerk,” and the occasional crying. All these things aren’t present when playing alone.

Playing with other people enhances gameplay, something proven by the popularity of MMOs and multiplayer features of various games. It gives a sense of competition, camaraderie (or both), depending on the title. In fact, the game should have trading and battle features.

Optimistic Speculation

There could be an alert when another player is nearby, and then a message appears that offers three choices: (1) trade, (2) battle, or (3) nothing. Perhaps there could be a choice to chat with the player. After any interaction, an option to add that player as a friend would appear, and battling or trading with might be easier. It won’t require the players to be in close proximity anymore. The player on the receiving end of a request may accept or deny any of the requests, and there could also be an option just to reject all requests.

An alternative to this is that players can see other players on the map. Touching an avatar will show the profile of that player, if they want something from a trade, or whether they want to battle or not. A cool option is to add them as a friend. Same as the idea above, there could be a choice to reject or block incoming requests automatically. While gym battles are technically player battles, they don’t have the same feel as playing with another person, as an AI dictates the moves of your opponent.

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The Problems

Of course, there are going to be issues since nothing in the world is perfect. There will always be people out to hurt others just for some misplaced sense of superiority. On the other hand, some people aren’t out to hurt others, physically, but they rather cheat individuals of fair trade or battle. These kinds of people are present in any multiplayer game. It means that Niantic has to think of a good way to filter words in the chat (if they ever go that route) or crack down on possible third-party apps that give players a significant advantage.

Unfortunately, there’s a problem with locality. Will trading be available across the globe or only with players in the same area or server? Sure, doing it locally (within sight of the other player) is the easiest way, but the Internet is there to connect people regardless of distance. It appears a bit of a cop out and doesn’t use the full potential of the Internet. It might also require something like a list of all players online at the moment. Players of the game have considerably gone down. However, the implementation of these features may bring a surge of new and returning players. Well, that also brings its own host of problems. In fact, the first time the game went live, Niantic’s servers couldn’t take the flood of players logging in.

All in all, it’s down to how Niantic would interpret these features if they do decide to go through with them at all. Here’s to hoping they still do even if it’s only the trading part. Happy Pokemon hunting!

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