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In Blox Fruits, you want to become the strongest person in the game to take on the most dangerous foes. To become powerful, you can either master the way of the sword and the usage of guns or acquire Demon Fruits to augment your character. While the easiest way to the top is to become a Blox Fruit user, there are tons of consumables available in the game, which may confuse players on what to get. A tier list can help gamers determine which fruit they should go for.

What are Blox Fruits?

In this game, Blox Fruits are also known as Demon or Devil’s Fruit, based on the actual One Piece items. These consumables give players unique properties, which allow them to exhibit various powers or abilities. There is a ton of multiple fruits in the game, so gamers can try to collect all of them and decide which ones to use.

While these things provide unique skills to Roblox gamers, they also bring disadvantages. Blox Fruit users are cursed to have a natural weakness to water, mainly if you ate the Sand Fruit. Users like Ice, Buddha, and Magma can bypass this weakness. However, even with this big drawback, players can still become formidable fighters if they choose suitable fruits.

Three Types of Blox Fruits

Similar to the anime the game is based on, gamers can acquire three types of Blox Fruits in their adventures. Each variety has a different property that can help players classify them. Here are all the kinds of Blox fruits in the game:

  • Natural (Paramecia) – modifies the body of the user and may provide boosts similar to the other types
  • Elemental (Logia) – provides the body with elemental properties, which causes attacks to pass through
  • Beast (Zoan) – enables the transformation to a specific beast while gaining certain boosts

Players will automatically gain the abilities of their fruit once they consume them. If you find that you want to change your current skills, you can choose to replace your powers with the Demon Fruit Remover in the Prison. This is highly encouraged, especially when you get stronger and rarer items.

Blox Fruit Tier List

While there are a ton of Devil’s Fruit in this Roblox game, not all of them are considered at the top. While almost every one of them is viable at some point in the game, there are several that players should consider aiming for during the end-game phases. Here is the current Tier List for all Blox Fruits:


  • Natural: Dough (1.34% Spawn Rate), Soul (0.76% Spawn Rate), and Venom (1.02% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: None
  • Beast: Leopard (Unknown Spawn Rate) and Dragon (0.76% Spawn Rate)


  • Natural: Dark (8.5% Spawn Rate), Love (7.75% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: Dark (8.5% Spawn Rate) and Magma (7.2% Spawn Rate)
  • Beast: Human: Buddha (6.6% Spawn Rate)


  • Natural: Control (0.89% Spawn Rate) and Rubber (7.2% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: Light (0.09% Spawn Rate), Rumble (2.31% Spawn Rate), and Sand (0.11% Spawn Rate)
  • Beast: Bird: Phoenix (3.05% Spawn Rate)


  • Natural: Shadow (1.1% Spawn Rate), Quake (6.4% Spawn Rate), Gravity (1.59% Spawn Rate), Revive (unknown Spawn Rate), String (5.7% Spawn Rate), and Door (6.8% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: Ice (0.14% Spawn Rate)
  • Beast: None


  • Natural: Paw (2.83% Spawn Rate) and Chop (0.13% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: Flame (0.14% Spawn Rate) and Smoke (0.12% Spawn Rate)
  • Beast: Bird: Falcon (9.5% Spawn Rate)


  • Natural: Barrier (7.8% Spawn Rate), Diamond (0.08% Spawn Rate), Spring (0.14% Spawn Rate), Kilo (0.13% Spawn Rate), Spike (0.15% Spawn Rate), Spin (0.12% Spawn Rate), and Bomb (0.15% Spawn Rate)
  • Elemental: None
  • Beast: None

You might notice that the bulk of the available Blox Fruits is mostly Natural. These items make up some of the best starter fruits for newer players to take. However, more experienced pirates should always seek to move further up the tier list. Ideally, Elemental and Beast fruits are the best ones to take. However, S+ and S tier Naturals are also extremely viable, depending on your preference or play style. 

Sometimes Rarer is Better

Players will often get access to Fruits in the higher tier because they are much more common. However, several lower-tier fruits might have some niche roles in the game due to being much rarer. You still have to consider their rating on the tier list, though. A very rare Blox Fruit in the D Tier can still be easily overpowered by most in the A tier. Preferably, aim for rare fruits in the A or B tier, which can easily compete with the more powerful ones.

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