Summoners War Patch Notes & Event Calendar 2022

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Summoners War’s New Updates & Events

Summoners War’s Collab 2022: What is the IP?

The Korean game studio, com2us, disclosed in their 1st quarter of 2022 financial announcement that there will be a famous IP collaboration coming up soon, as well as a series of offline events of SWC 2022 e-sports competition. This has sparked many speculations on Subreddit since then, on what that IP is. Many anticipated Guilty Gear while some hope it to be Pokemon and Granblue Fantasy.

A few days later, on May 24th, the company revealed a pair of glasses on its Thailand Facebook page with an “X”. Many gamers took that as a hint of the new IP collab but some said it’s only a local collaborative promotion with a Thailand Eyewear brand, and has nothing to do with the game collab itself.

The identity of the new IP collab remains unknown.

Summoner’s War Patch 6.6.6 is Now Out

  • Release Date: June 15th, 2022
  • The update includes new Transmogs, emojis, some QoL updates, bug fixes, and special rules in Siege Battles that have been removed.

Summoners War Patch Notes History

May 14th – May 31st, 2022

Lucky Box Event

An event where players do missions to get keys. These keys open boxes with various rewards. At certain # of opened boxes milestones, they can get special prizes. The more boxes opened, the better the rewards!

May 14th, 2022

Update 6.6.3

Adds an autoplay function to the Trial of Ascension and new items to the guild shop among other fixes and improvements

May 20th – May 27th, 2022

Halls of Heroes Rerun Event

Players have the chance to get these heroes from this event:

Fire Lich
Water Sky Dancer
Wind Ninja
Light Phantom Thief
Dark Nine-tailed Fox
Fire Horus
Water Jack-o’-Lantern
Wind Dice Magician
Light Kung Fu Girl
Dark Brownie Magician 

The first five heroes will be available in the first wave, followed by the second half in the next.

May 2022

PvP Arena 2v2 Event

New PvP Arena 2v2 Event. Play arena with a friend and explore the new modes. World Arena Medals are at stake!
Hall of Heroes Hero is Amduat starting May 13-16. Get him while you can!

April 2022

Patch 6.6.1 Released

Patch 6.6.1 has gone live. Aside from bug fixes, it improves the following features:

Dimensional Rift
Siege Battle
Quality of Life

Some World Arena ranking rules have changed, and a new 2vs2 team battle mode was added.

March 2022

New Dimension Update

A new Dimension update lets players who battle in the new dimension earn points that can be exchanged for cool rewards. The event also rewards players who Secondary Awaken a Vagabond or Mystic Witch with a Devilmon.
Com2uS Holdings is announcing a new project, C2X, a blockchain gaming platform. This may have some impact on our business, but I’m not sure yet what it really is.

February 2022

Valentine’s Event

A Valentine’s event started last Monday, Feb 6. Players have to do some missions to earn rewards and currency. This event will run until Feb 20.
Hall of Heroes will feature Lumirecia, the 4-star Water Sylphid from Feb 11 to Feb 14.

January 2022

Guild Mission Event

There’s a guild mission event starting today lasting up to the 27th of February. Many rewards are up for grabs!

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