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Action Role-playing Games have recently been making large splashes as a dozen titles have made exciting developments. Path of Exile has just released a new League, while Diablo 4 is scheduled to go live in June 2023. Another ARPG that has been making many heads turns is the upcoming game called Superfuse, which Stitch Heads Entertainment develops under Raw Fury Games. This comic-like hack-n-slash is still on Early Access, but it is set to be released on January 31, 2023. What can players expect from this brand-new action role-playing game?

What is Superfuse?

Superfuse is an upcoming ARPG based on outer space that looks like a mix between Diablo and Marvel. Unlike most games of a similar genre, like Path of Exile and Diablo series, this one takes place in the far future after humanity escaped a ruined and inhospitable planet. Players take on the role of “Enforcers” who protect the current status quo against threats and dissent. 

The game gives gamers the feeling of being a superhero since they can control superpowered humans while experiencing the game through comic-like graphics. As an ARPG, the gameplay is a fast-paced hack-n-slash sequence with plenty of loot to grab. However, it distinguishes itself from other games by making several changes to the lore, skill system, and skill customization. 

Superfuse Lore Overview

Earth was dying, and humanity chose to abandon the planet using advanced technology financed by the corporate elite. As the human race survived, they spread further across the galaxy and colonized many planets. As the centuries pass, civilization is still being controlled by the ruling billionaires and elite, who live in luxury while most of the masses are still struggling. 

Recently, a new form of threat has emerged called “The Corruption,” a foul and dangerous beast. As humanity looks for ways to combat these new looming menaces, the ruling elite has created a force known as “Enforcers.” These people were augmented and were given various superpowers to fight Corruption. 

As Enforcers, this fighting force maintains the status quo throughout the solar system. Aside from fighting alien threats, they are their creators’ designated peacekeepers. Throughout the game, players will discover the Corruption among the elite and shady conspiracies that threaten the existence of humankind once more. 

Superfuse Gameplay

Like your typical ARPGs, Superfuse will have an isometric perspective, and progression will depend on your items and character level. The game features several classes that will lock characters to having specific abilities. There are also specializations for each job, which will dictate what attack you can use from the beginning. 

In terms of skills, players can get only a limited set of abilities depending on the chosen class. Unlike other games, such as PoE, Superfuse sacrifices a bit of flexibility and customization in exchange for more streamlined but straightforward options to prevent gamers from getting overwhelmed. However, there are still tons of ways to make Superfuse fun and chaotic.

What makes Superfuse exciting is the number of modifications you can make to your skills. As the name suggests, players can use items known as Fuse to augment their abilities, which can further empower them or alter them to a whole new level. Gamers can modify simple attacks from a small firewall to a blazing tidal wave chasing their enemies.

Aside from your highly customizable abilities, there are also tons of items that you can get in the game. It would help if you prioritized seeking high-quality armor to boost your defenses and gain other utilities. Players should also look for solid weapons to help them smash their enemies in case their abilities fail in their tasks. 

Solo and Party Gameplay

Superfuse caters to both solo and co-op play between Enforcers. Solo offline is a mode you can play without needing the internet. For players who want to explore with their friends, gamers can form parties of four and see how their various skill sets synergize.

Playing either solo or party is both equally exciting in Superfuse. In solo, you have to rely on yourself, so you will need to adjust your gear, tactics, and skillset depending on your current enemies. In parties, you can create various combinations of attacks with your friends and minimize the need for drastic gear or ability swaps. 

Superfuse Areas and Zones

The areas that Enforcers will wade through take place on several planets. Aside from the unique setting, the zones are attractive because they are always different. Each instance that players will enter is randomly and procedurally generated to ensure that every layout will keep gamers on their toes. There are also significant settlements or towns wherein Enforcers can interact with NPCs and other people.

Release Date

Superfuse is set to release on January 31, 2022. The game has been in Early Access since mid-2022, with many changes. Check out the game once it fully launches and experience how it feels like to be an intergalactic comic superhero.

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