Tekken 8: How to get the bad ending and secret ending

how to get secret ending tekken
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Tekken’s penultimate ending draws a close to the game’s overall arc. The story finally gives closure to the central conflict between Jin Kazama and his father, Kazuya Mishima. However, players might notice videos missing from the gallery when they finish the story mode. This guide will show you how to unlock these clips in the game.

SPOILER: If you haven’t finished the main story yet and don’t want to get spoiled, don’t read any further).

Canon Ending (Good)

Tekken 8’s The Dark Awaken features a story mode that is twice as large than that of Tekken 7. Jin and Kazuya have their final showdown on a falling comet in the campaign’s climax. Both characters have tapped into the devil’s gene true power. The two combatants, Angel Jin and True Devil Kazuya, take on their final form. 

Ultimately, Jin defeats his father and erases the Devil gene from the world, which he claims to have done. He leaves Kazuya lifeless on the floor and picks up a white flower to thank his mother for her guidance. Later on, Jin can be seen riding his motorcycle and stops over on the side of the road where Xioayu is. The scene cuts back to Kazuya’s body, which a mysterious person approaches. This figure is believed to be Jun Kazama. 

While this wraps up the longest-running game storyline, Tekken 8 still leaves fans with enough mysteries for a possible sequel. However, the canon ending is not the only conclusion to the fight, as a potentially harmful outcome can be unlocked. Unfortunately, this one might be harder to achieve. 

Bad Ending

Players must complete the story mode under specific conditions to unlock a lousy ending for the game. You will need to lose the final battle purposefully or accidentally for this outcome. You need to let Kazuya win the last fight, not any round before. The last bout will happen in a desolate crater, and you need to lose during the round, where you start in Heat mode while your opponent is in Rage mode. 

This outcome might be more challenging to unlock because Jin has auto-parry during this sequence and gains additional HP when dying. There are several things you can do to help you lose the fight. The first is to complete the quick-time event, which is a disadvantage for Jin. To prevent the auto-parries, you might want to duck to let yourself get hit. 

Once you lose in the sixth round, a cutscene will play where Kazuya tosses Jin’s body off a cliff, which is a familiar scene at this point to many Tekken veterans. Afterward, he will claim to keep fighting until the end of time. 

Secret Ending

Players can unlock the Secret Ending easily but tend to miss it because of a simple mistake. This scene can be obtained by playing the post-credits scene, which many people skip. After a few minutes of watching, the Secret Ending cutscene will play, which features Reina. 

Reina awakens in her devil form, which confirms she is from the Mishima Bloodline. She further proclaims that she will get revenge on her brother Kazuya, which makes her Heihachi’s daughter and Jin’s aunt. This cutscene establishes Reina as a prominent figure in the game’s future, potentially in the DLC or future sequels.

It should be noted that players can unlock the Secret Ending in both Good and Bad outcomes. The only thing that gamers need to do is not skip the post-scene credits. Afterward, the scene will be unlocked in the gallery. 

Other Character Endings

Of course, all 32 characters in the game have their outcomes, but none are canon. This means that Jun’s episode does not prove that she is still alive after the events of Tekken 3. However, her appearance in the Canon Ending does provide some hint that she might still be alive, but many are still skeptical and brush it off as her spirit takes Kazuya to the other side.

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