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The Best RPGs and Free to Play Games on Mobile

Best Mobile RPG
By | April 21st, 2020 | Categories: MMORPG, Others

Free. Mobile. Games. These are three of the best words in terms of sheer entertainment, because first off, they’re games. Secondly, they’re mobile so you can take your fun anywhere you go, and finally, they’re free! Yes, free. Now, if you’ve gotten bored and looked around for a fun mobile game, it can be annoying. There’s so many popular, but terrible, games out there that have tons and tons of downloads with terrible ratings. If that wasn’t enough, there are so many mobile games out there. But! Don’t worry. I’m here to help, whether you’re looking for the best mobile RPG, shooter, or whatever else tickles your fancy. I’m about to hook you up with the best free to play games and RPGs on mobile.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing in this article:

  • The Top Free Games on Mobile
  • The Best RPGs on Mobile

What Made the List?

This is an obvious question we need to work out first. Who decided this? Did I just pull a bunch of names out of the hat? Here’s the answer: I checked the stats. I found some new games as well as some oldies, I read reviews. I poured my time into finding out exactly what is the best mobile game you have available at your disposal. I’m here to help you on your journey to find the best mobile RPG for you.

Will There be A “Best of the Best” Mobile RPG and Game?

No there will not be, and do you know why? Because the reader that thinks shooters are the best would be offended if I picked a ‘best mobile RPG’, and the RPG reader would be upset that I picked a racing game. So, no, there will not be a “best of the best.” Sorry to disappoint, but I’ll do you the next best thing: give you all the best options so that you can try ‘em all out! After all… they’re free!

The Best Free to Play Games on Mobile

Let’s jump straight into it with a classic shooter: PUBG Mobile. PUBG is a battle royale game that offers tons of entertainment. It’s actually pretty dang solid on graphics and includes a number of variations, customizations, and gear. It feels a great deal like the normal game. It feels snappy and entertaining, and they stay up to date on updates.

Another great shooter is, yes, Fortnite. Yes, it’s on mobile, and yes, it’s the same exact thing as the other versions. It’s cross platform compatible, so you can play with your buddies on any device. It’s basically a less serious, more colorful version of PUBG, and it has a number of other unique aspects, like building.

Not really looking to shoot a bunch? Looking for some speed, some fast cars, and some nice gameplay? Look no further than Asphalt 9: Legends! What do you get when you combine fast supercars from some of the world’s top manufacturers and throw them intro a free, arcade-style game with great graphics? A heck of a lot of fun, that’s what!

Maybe you’re looking for something more laid back, but still, very, very addictive. Try Words With Friends 2. Yes, it’s basically Scrabble. Yes, it sounds boring. No, it’s not, and as someone who absolutely loves this game, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. For such a simple concept, it will take up a great deal of your time, because your friend played “Emu” for way too much and now you have to catch up and defeat them.

We’re taking a trip back to shooters for Shadowgun Legends. Have you heard of it? Well, it’s worth checking out if you’re not familiar. Basically, it’s Destiny or The Division. Same sleek gameplay, same quality graphics, and same compelling action. It’s actually got a nice campaign, multiplayer events, co-op boss raids, arenas, and more. Plus, bonus points for having a lot of stuff to equip. Like, a lot, a lot. It’s quite an impressive game, and I’d recommend checking it out.

Throwing in a fan favorite here for ya: Bendy in Nightmare Run. Never heard of it? Not a problem. It’s an endless runner, but made in the strangest style you can imagine: a 1930s cartoon. Fun? Yes. Strange? Yes. But entertaining? Yes! You play the role of Bendy as he tries to escape something constantly chasing him, picking up powerups and weapons on the way. Bonus points for creativity and interesting gameplay. It’s worth noting that, despite the name, you can also play as other characters and not just Bendy. And yes, in case you are curious, the graphics are absolutely in black and white. Even for an aesthetic factor, I’d argue that this game is worth checking out.

Feeling nostalgic? Why not check out one of the old classics, like Angry Birds, 8Ball, or Earn to Die? What do you have to lose? They’re free!

The Best Mobile RPGs

Perhaps you’re actually more interested in finding the best mobile RPG. Well, here are some suggestions to get you started on your quest to find the best mobile RPGs.

Let’s start with a classic – OSRS, that is, Old School RuneScape. You’ve probably heard of it, right? RuneScape had its time in the spotlight many years ago, and whether you’re still an active player, or just looking for some nostalgia, you can’t go wrong with OSRS on mobile (available for Android and iOS).

Another big name in the mobile and Android RPG scene is Black Desert: Mobile. The popular Korean fantasy MMORPG was released for iOS and Android in Asia back in February 2018. Luckily for you, the English version was released in December 2019! With its worldwide player base continually growing (currently standing at well over  30 million players), it’s definitely worth picking up.

How could we talk about RPGs without mentioning Final Fantasy? That’s right, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition brings the enjoyment of Final Fantasy to your little touch screens. The first episode is free to play, with the following ones requiring payment, but it’s definitely worth it!

Wanna find more free games? Check out the best free to play multiplayer games on PC and the best free to play games on PS4!


There you have it, gang! The best mobile—excuse me, the best free to play games and RPGs on mobile! It’s like all of the fun of normal mobile gaming, but free! So, it’s even better, because the whole time you’re playing, you can give yourself a high five for being so financially smart. It’s not easy to find the best mobile RPG that suits your playstyle, but these suggestions should give you a good starting point.

I should note that some of the best “free” games actually try to furiously sell you on things in-game, but just don’t. I mean, I guess you can if you have a burning urge to buy stuff in a free game, but otherwise, just sit back, relax, and let yourself enjoy the ride. The best part is that if you don’t like the free game, you just try another one! And another! And another, until you find that exact, perfect game for your style. Good luck!

Until next time, get out there and have some fun!

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