The Division 2 Beta Review: The Battle Continues

The Division 2 Beta Review
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Before we start with The Division 2 Beta Review, there are some things we need to clarify first about this particular franchise; how it all started and what troubles it took on the way.

After the disastrous events that accompanied the release of the first Division game from Ubisoft, people were skeptical for the sequel of this franchise. First of all, it was a big mess in the early stages; filled with lots of graphical errors, bugs that kept you from moving forward in the narrative, and connection issues. Consequently, the players found out that the graphics from the first trailers (released on E3), had better presentation and interesting gaming mechanics that somehow were missing in the final release. Therefore, people that pre-ordered the game or paid the full premium price felt betrayed that the final product came with low quality and filled with lots of issues.

Despite the backlash, Massive Entertainment (the development team) kept supporting the video game with updates and game modes for an extended period; their primary goal was to fix the  “game-breaking” bugs that plagued the gameplay and improving the “late-game.” Finally, after a long while (From March 2016 to August 2018), Massive Entertainment released the final balance patch (1.8.3) that made everything “acceptable” for their player base. Indeed, it was too late, and only the loyal fans of the franchise remained until the end. Still, though, the development team was commended that they kept improving their craft, and didn’t leave the game in a complete mess.

Which marketing strategy did Ubisoft use to regain their fans’ trust?

It wasn’t an easy task, but Ubisoft was able to pull it out convincingly. Within a couple of days, everyone had the chance to download the beta and play it without restrictions. Therefore, you just needed a Uplay account (If you were on PC), or only you were able to find the game in the other available gaming stores. As a result, depending on your Internet connection, you were able to try the game and see for yourself if this new sequel got what it takes to be enjoyable.

Taking this type of strategy, the development team (Massive Entertainment), didn’t need any help from the press whatsoever, it felt like a direct communication between them and their player base. Due to this “freedom,” you had the chance to experience a little bit about what the Division 2 had to offer. Above all, you were the judge, and at the end of the day, you made the last decision to continue with the story and buy the game; or forget entirely of this franchise and move on. 

What was accessible in the beta phase?

1. Experiencing the Leveling System

Within the beta, you were able to reach level 8. Therefore, you had lots of things to do in the game while you were leveling a couple of times. Similarly to any RPG (Role Playing Game) in the gaming market, even though it was a low level, it took more than a couple of hours to reach the cap.

2. Adventure Around the Open World Elements

This time around, it takes less than 30 minutes to start your journey and lose yourself between the ruined buildings of Washington D.C. Even though everything is “ruined” after the virus incident, the world map is far from “lonely.” Therefore you may be able to encounter some difficulties after walking for a little while.

3. Checking the First and Side Quest

After reaching one of the most significant settlements of the game, you get orders that another place needs your assistance. Consequently, when you arrive in the next building, you are given some quests and side-quests to keep you busy for the next couple of hours. Most noteworthy, after you finish some quest and completing some projects, you’ll start to see how the community of that particular place tends to improve their building.

4. Looting Percentages

There were lots of containers that had random items around the map. As a result, you were filling your backpack with multiple things to look that had different “rarity” properties. Furthermore, it didn’t take too much time to figure out that the rarity of the equipment or weapons changed with your level. In other words, it was easy to discover “epic” gear when you reached level eight.

5. Evaluate the Dark Zone

In the middle of the fight, you had an introduction to one of the Dark Zones that are available in the game. In this unique mission, you get to check that little part and how to extract contaminated equipment. Above all, this gaming mechanic shines best with its PVP elements; you can never tell if you’re safe in that territory.

6. Learn Different Mechanics from the “End Game”

The last part of the beta made us experience some of the elements that come after you finish all the main quests and reach level 30 on your account. Furthermore, this time around you learn how the “Invasion” missions work and discover another faction the “Black Tusk.” Most noteworthy, you had to choose between the three main specializations: Sharpshooter, Demolitionist and Survivalist.

Better than Ever

With all those elements above of the “demo,” you could easily experience how everything is going to be on the release date. Therefore, with this article about The Division 2 Beta Review, we can surely tell that it did its intended work. Most noteworthy, we discovered that Massive Entertainment took their last experience and was able to produce one the best “looter shooters” available in the gaming market. Furthermore, they even made another game from the same genre (Anthem), somehow not that enjoyable with its current build. Due to the impressive work in “The Division 2”, we only hope that another games that want to try their luck in the same genre, have the same “polished” feeling on the release date.

Above all, even on the beta days, the development team already revealed plans on supporting the game for a couple of years, which means that this game has a lot of content to keep you busy for a very long time.

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