The Division 2: Leveling Guide

The Division 2 - Leveling Guide
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Reach Your Maximum Potential

One of the main goals of any “Looter-shooter” and “Live-Service” Game is reaching the highest character level as soon as possible. That’s why, in this The Division 2 Leveling Guide, you’ll have a clear view of how to achieve this goal without even breaking a sweat. But even though you’ll find all the available shortcuts to get level 30 here; allow us to remind you to enjoy the experience as you scour every nook and cranny in the streets of Washington D.C. The graphics in this game are astonishing and its gameplay is currently at its peak, so strap yourselves in because you’re in for quite a ride!

How Can You Get as Much XP (Experience Points) as Possible?

Due to the RPG (Role Playing Games) mechanics that The Division 2 possesses, to become the most potent Agent in the game, you need to “grow” by constantly increasing your level. Therefore, you get to have different activities within the game that “rewards” your progress as you encounter various enemies and complete tasks. To that end, here’s a list of all those activities that tend to give more experience and get you to the maximum level as quickly as possible:

  • Manage Your Perks: Some multipliers can make every random encounter worth enduring. For example, with “Headshot Accolade,” every kill you’ll get with a headshot will give you additional experience from any enemy you come across.
  • Main Missions: After you complete every task in a single mission, you’ll get lots of experience points as a reward. This process currently gives you the highest amount of points in the entire game. This is why you should try to complete the main story while you can.
  • Check for Activities: During the transition of walking between the different missions, you’ll probably get a couple of random activities around the map. Even though the rewards aren’t as high as the Main Missions, doing a couple along the way certainly won’t hurt your progress.
  • Unlocking All the Settlement’s Content: After discovering the main Settlements, you’ll get the chance to complete Side-Missions which in return lets you acquire a Staff Member. These NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) can give you extra activities to improve your leveling process.
  • Complete Projects: By donating the extra gear that you collect from other activities, you can efficiently complete these tasks without too much effort. In return, you’ll get a considerable amount of XP just by giving away the unwanted equipment in your inventory.
  • Get Some Bounties: Once you’d have “Otis Sykes” in your Staff Rooster, you’ll be able to hunt for powerful NPCs that tend to give better loot and higher experience. Additionally, if you have Perks such as Hard or Changeling Bounties, you’ll get the chance to get better rewards for your character.
  • Hunt for the Collectables: Besides the Random Activities across the “Open World” map, you may get a notification in your mini-map that gives you a hint about a nearby collectible. If you’re able to find it, you’ll get some experience just by picking it up.

What Happens After You Reach the Highest Level in The Division 2?

Once you see that number thirty depicting your character’s level, other progress in the game will take effect; first of all, instead of looking at your current level (30), you’ll see your gear’s average score. The higher this number (currently 500 is the max level), the more efficient your equipment will be when it comes to enduring damage and creating chaos. Secondly, you’ll still see the “experience bar” around; but, this time, when you complete it, instead of a level, you’ll get a “Loot Crate” instead. To improve your Gear Score even further, you have the option to make these activities:

  • More Projects and Bounties: Each day/week, you’ll get the chance to complete more of these particular activities that always have a way of giving you better equipment after completion. This gives you something to do every time you log-in.
  • Reach Word Tier 5: By fighting back the “Black Tusk” army, you’ll get the chance of unlocking more World Tiers. As a result, the difficulty overall will increase, but at the same time, you’ll open the opportunity of getting powerful equipment.
  • Re-Do Main Missions on Harder Difficulties: Depending on the difficulty you pick, the enemies will get better stats and more abilities. Therefore, if you intend to complete a Challenge Mission, you’ll need to fight more “Elite” opponents that require better tactics to overcome. Consequently, you’ll get a better lot after completing the requirements.
  • Go Through the Weekly Invaded Missions: Take advantage of the weekly events by completing these particular missions that’ll appear on your map. Above all, these mobs come with higher defiance, but the rewards are worth the challenge.
  • Complete the Raid: If you’re lucky enough to gather a competent team of eight players, give the Raid a chance. Consequently, you’ll get higher quality equipment as you progress.
  • Hunt for the Exotic Weapons: The best weapons in the game belong to this particular group. We highly recommend that you unlock World Tier 5 before starting the hunt as you’ll get these exotic weapons with a higher gear score.

Still More to Come

Just like any other “Live-Service” currently in the market, there are still a lot of updates aimed at improving the game contents even further. This Division 2 Leveling Guide is a good reference point to get hints on how you can grow even further. Besides getting that number as high as possible, you have the chance of getting the best build for your character. Lastly, each of the Specializations over the “End-Game” content has skills that are waiting for you to unlock. Remember to play at your own pace. Take a breath between missions to explore the breathtaking scenery. Just enjoy the game and always try to have fun.Every multiplayer game gets better as you share the experience with your friends, so gather your BFFs and rescue the Capitol as the ideal team.

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