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The Division 2 Specializations: Welcome to the End Game

The Division 2 Specializations
By | May 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Others

One of the best elements of the first Division game, become apparent when players got to see the “last part” of the game. Similarly to all those “looter-shooters” in the gaming market, to keep you entertained after you’ve done all the available missions and there are no more levels to acquire; you have to option to complete additional objectives and keep your interest within the game. Therefore, there are opportunities to prolong your game time in that particular video game that you especially became fascinated. As a result, you have activities like hunting for the best equipment or unlocking every single achievement.

Taking that into consideration, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainments came up with exciting new gaming mechanics to keep you busy for a very long time. Most noteworthy, The Division 2 Specializations is an effective system, where you get the chance to use a powerful weapon; which has the potential to create devastating damage to your enemies.

How do I unlock these Specializations?

There are little requirements that you need to fulfill to unlock all the three options (currently available) within the game, but still to get them is another story (which may take more than a couple of hours). Therefore, to reach the “End Game” in The Division 2, you’re going to need to achieve these conditions:

4 Steps

  • Reach level 30: Easily said than done, to complete this task, you’ll need to gather as much experience as possible by killing enemy NPC (non-playable characters), completing the vast majority of missions, or by doing the random activities that appear within the game map. Above all, you can gain a lot of experience just by completing all the quests available. Therefore, one of your main focus to reach the top level is to continue with the story.
  • Complete all the main quests: Once you have reached your main base of operations (the White House); you get the chance to continue your journey by completing the different activities on the map. Furthermore, the more you progress, to more options you’ll get as you uncover every single corner around Washinton D.C. As mentioned above, these activities tend to give a lot of experience for your character; therefore, is advisable that you focus on completing these quest as fast as possible.
  • Complete the three strongholds: Another gaming mechanic that became available to the game are these Strongholds. First of all, you’ll discover that some communities around the map are thriving to survive by themselves. Furthermore, different enemy factions want to take over these unique places and take as much as they want. As a result, your job as an Agent is to give support to these civilians and eliminate any possible threats to restore order.
  • Go back to the White House: After you’ve made all the conditions above, you’ll unlock the World Tier 1 for your character. Consequently, a pop-up notification will appear in your map, telling you that you need to go back to the White House. Once you go back, a special cut-scene will play for you; and after it, you’ll be able to choose your preferred Specialization from the Quartermaster.

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Which types of Specializations are within the game?

Currently, there are three different types to choose from; each of these Specializations come with their Signature Weapon, grenade, and skills for you to unlock. At the moment, each represents three primary archetypes that usually appear in any RPG (Role-Playing Game). Therefore, depending on your gameplay, you’ll probably have less time for you to adapt to that style. Most noteworthy, to use these Unique Weapons, you are going to need to acquire special ammunition that your enemies will drop eventually. These three Specializations are the follows:

3 Specializations

  • Demolitionist: followed by the “bomber” archetype, this Specialization will give you some tools to resist explosive and fire damage. As a result, you’ll also unlock the M32A1 Grenade Launcher, which is a great tool to produce a lot of damage to a gathered crowd. Last but not least, the grenade that you’ll get the chance to unlock is the Fragmentation Granade, a unique tool that has more explosive damage and can make your enemies bleed. 
  • Survivalist: if you’re one of those “supporting” players, this is probably your best bet. First of all, you’ll get the Explosive Tipped Crossbow for the Signature Weapon. Most noteworthy, you’ll get different skills that can give you a better chance to keep your team alive as much as possible. For the grenade, you’ll get the Incendiary which is a great tool to control your enemies and make them change position.
  • Sharpshooter: as you may tell, this is for those “damage dealers” that take a little time to make every bullet count. Hence, the Signature Weapon available for this Specialization is the TAC-50 C Rifle, a powerful firearm that destroys armor and has the option to pierce their targets. Likewise, you’ll have different skills that improve your damage and give you better handling. Plus, you have the opportunity to unlock the Flash Grenade, a perfect tool to undermine your enemies and leave them without cover.

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What other options might we get from future Specializations?

One of the bonus from the “Year One Pass” gave us the announcement that there are three more Specializations to come. At the current time, we only got a “tease” for the first option that will become available soon in the main game; which contains a Gatling Gun as a Signature Weapon. Most noteworthy, besides that “sneak peek” we have no idea of the other components that compress an entire Specialization. Above all, we have no idea about the other two options to come, but they surely will have gaming mechanics that may “blow” us away.

Pick What Suits You Best

Remember that you can only progress in a particular The Division 2 Specialization as you complete activities with that excellent option activated. Therefore, to unlock every single Skill for a specific “Tree,” you’re going to need to stick with what “works” for you. Above all, if you’re an Achievement hunter, unlocking every single Skill for all three Specializations may be one of your priorities. Either way, with this gaming mechanic, you have the option to continue playing and improving your character even more.

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