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The Division 2 Weapons: Getting to Know the Unlimited Arsenal

The Division 2 Weapons
By | April 23rd, 2019 | Categories: Others

One of the gaming mechanics that every “looting-shooter” arrives with, it’s the countless options that you have to equip for your character. This time around, The Division 2 Weapons come with lots of distinctive choices that can help you in dealing with the required damage for completing the job. First, we all know of dangerous the streets can be when you travel across Washington D.C. Therefore, as a fully capable Agent, you need to be prepared all the time with a capable arsenal to erase all the threats and restore order.

Above all, this game is firstly an RPG (Role-Playing Game), which means that you need to rely more on the statistics and characteristics that every single weapon contains. Secondly, being a shooter as well, your skills and accuracy will always give you some advantages in the field. Taking that into consideration, if you find a weapon with better stats, do not hesitate, make the chance. Furthermore, later, you’ll have the luck and opportunity to find a gun that both have impressive stats and suits your playstyle.

What types of weapons can we find in The Division 2?

Since The Division 2 gathers its inspiration from the works of Tom Clancy, it comes with a lot of military knowledge; and uses actual weapons that either has a history in some battlefields or are currently available for military forces. Therefore, we have the opportunity to see tons of different weapons that usually are available in any other shooter in the gaming market. As a result, you’ll probably have a little taste of every single gun available in the game; and perhaps you already have a lot of mastery in aiming sights and pulling the trigger.

Taking that into consideration, all the weapons in the game have a distinctive division according to their characteristics. As a result, we can find types such as:


  • Assault Rifles: The “middle ground” when it comes to statistics in these kinds of guns. These weapons are probably the best options for new players.
  • Marksman Rifles: To those people that have patience and know how to handle some scopes, mastering these types of weapons is probably your best bet.
  • Submachine Guns: Deal as much damage as possible, as you empty your clip as fast as you can. There is no much science with these types of weapons; you only need to point and shot.
  • Shotguns: If dealing with trouble as close as possible is your thing, then don’t hesitate and grab as many of these guns as you can. Above all, remember to stay behind cover, especially when you’re dealing with “Elite” enemies.
  • Light Machine Guns: When you feel like never want to let go that trigger button, you’ll probably have more fun with these types of guns. Therefore, the more bullets you share to your enemies, the better. Most noteworthy, always keep an eye on your remaining clip, since the reload time for these weapons is relatively long.
  • Rifles: This group stands in the middle between Marksman and Assault Rifles. As a result, every single bullet does a considerable amount of damage, but the clip size is still relatively low. Therefore, if you want some of the power of the Sniper Rifle, but do not want to deal with aiming with sights; this is your best option.
  • Sidearms: Unlike the previous weapons groups, this type of guns become available on your “third slot.” As a result, you’ll usually be able to find firearms such as Pistols and sawed-off shotguns. Furthermore, due to their characteristics, all the sidearms aren’t that reliable, and you’ll probably use one of the primary weapons instead.

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Which weapons are the rarest?

Every firearm in this game comes with different statistics, some talents, and rarity. Therefore, depending on your luck, you’ll be able to find different weapons around the battlefield. Most noteworthy, even though some of them may look similar, their statistics, in the end, is all that matters. As a result, some weapons within the game tend to have “special” attributes and become harder to find; these “overpowered” guns have a special categorization, such as “Exotic.” If you’re interested in these special guns, you’re going to need a lot of time to “farm” them until your luck shines upon you. Like any other “looting-shooter” out there, the best weapons are the hardest to find within the game.


After taking your time in reaching level 30 and completing all the main quest, the “End Game” will become available to you. Therefore, when you enter this milestone, another faction unlocks within The Division 2 (the Black Tusk), which at first sight, looks too powerful to handle. Consequently, to aid you in this endeavor, you have to option to unlock different specializations which comes with powerful weapons such as:

  • Explosive Tipped Crossbow (for Survivalist)
  • M32A1 Grenade Launcher (for Demolitionist)
  • .50 Cal Sniper Rifle (for Sharpshooter)

Each of these weapons can be accessible within your fourth slot and require special ammunition that sometimes your enemy drops as you progress in the game. As a result, they tend to do a lot of damage and have more characteristics that can help you in dealing with difficult situations. Above all, try to use them accordingly and always save a couple of shots for the hardest enemies.

Loot Everywhere

Being an RPG, you always have the chance to find lots of stuff as you progress the main story. Therefore, The Division 2 Weapons have lots of variety and statistics. Above all, you may find the “ideal” gun within a container; and probably a couple of minutes, there may be a better option for you in another place. As a result, do not get too attached to a singular weapon, keep playing and try as much as this game has to offer you. Most noteworthy, when you reach the End Game (and World Tier 5 after that), you have the option to hunt for those special “Exotic” weapons; which can give you more options to try out.

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