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That Time of the Year: Star Trek Online Winter Event 2017

Star Trek Online Winter Event 2017
By | December 10th, 2017 | Categories: Others

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling, carolers are singing, Snowmen are coming to life and pelting you with snowballs. Yep, Q is up to his wintery shenanigans again with this year’s Winter Wonderland Event. This year, Q has taken inspiration from the old Earth legends of the Krampus, a demonic counterpart to Santa who gives children coal and kidnaps particularly bad children in his rucksack. However, Q being Q, wasn’t satisfied with just the normal Vanilla Krampus and has melded him and his followers with the Klingon demons known as the “Fek’hiri.” So grab your snowball launchers and join with fellow captains as we face the Kramp’ihri.

This year’s new activity will have the Kramp’ihri periodically appearing around the wonderland. The Kamp’ihri watcher at the pavilion will keep track of where he will show up next and will teleport you into the Kramp’ihri’s path. As you fight him, he will weaken and drop presents, which can get opened to obtain ornaments (the winter event currency) and free gingerbread people. 2017 will likely see the return of past activities such as:

  • Pie Eating (eat as many pies in the allotted time)
  • Fastest Game on Ice (daily Race against an NPC for Winter Prize Vouchers)
  • Winter Invasion (a Player vs. Everything or PVE to rescue a gingerbread colony invaded by snowmen)
  • Tides of Ice (lane defense in a snowy valley against the Snowborg)
  • Snowball Fight (defend the wonderland against a snowman attack)
  • Klingon Ice Fishing (a hilariously fun fishing event where you get to punch gummy fish and summon a giant gummy worm called a Kos’karii to fight)
  • The Fast and the Flurrious (A race against other captains for a chance to win winter epohh tags)
  • Cones of Conduct (Defend a Gingerbread Village against Snowmen using a “Snowconian”)


This year also introduces some new rewards that are purchasable with the holiday ornaments earned from the various activities mentioned above. These new rewards include two new winter jackets in Orange and Deep Blue Colors that come in long, short and cropped versions. A new skiing outfit based on the outfit Wesley Crusher wore in Episode 14 “Angel One,” Season 1 of “The Next Generation.”  A new Winter Weapon called the “Unrestricted Aggression” that appears to be a Nerf dart gun perfect for taking on the snowmen hordes. The winter rewards wouldn’t be complete without a few toys that are usable any time of the year. These include the Cryo Viser Universal Kit Module that will let you fire a beam of cold energy much like the Breen use and the Black Nano-pulse Mek’leth that looks like a cross between a Black Lightsaber and a Klingon Sword.

New Ship

Of course, what Winter Event would be complete without a brand new ship to cruise through the stars? This year, players who gather 1000 winter prize vouchers during the “Fastest Game on Ice” will be able to obtain the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider [T6].

With so many things to do and earn this year, there should be no end to the snow time fun. So put on your winter jackets, grab a gumdrop gun and your nearest gingerbread buddy and head to Q’s Winter Wonderland for a snowman shooting, gummy fish punching, ice racing good time.

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