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Where to find all Fallout 76 Teddy Bear locations

Fallout 76 Teddy Bear Location
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Players can find various collectibles in Fallout 76 and choose to display them or scrap them for multiple resources. Teddy Bears are some of the most collectible items in the game, which you can junk to get cloth and leather. However, if you want to showcase them as trophies, you can collect up to 13 varieties worldwide. This guide will show players the locations of all the Teddy Bears in Fallout 76.

What are the Fallout 76 Teddy Bears For

Players commonly scrap Teddy Bears because they think they are just junk. However, you can use these Stuffed Toys and display them in a showcase in your base. They are one of the more popular decorative collectibles you can get within the game, so we highly discourage people from scrapping them. 

Where to Find Teddy Bears in Fallout 76

Some bears can be found multiple times in different locations, but others need more supply. This guide will show players the most efficient areas in which to find these Stuffed Toys. Here is every location of all Fallout 76 Teddy Bears:

Regular Teddy Bear and Stuffed Grizzly

You can find this one in The Burrows North in the Harper’s Ferry area. While exploring the overworld, you should see a manhole that lets you enter the northern part of the Burrows. As soon as you enter, you enter the first room on your left. There should be a table with dumbbells on top. You can find three Teddy Bears below them; two are the same type, so you only need to take two varieties.

Dirty Old Teddy Bear

This stuffed toy is the hardest, but you can also find it in The Burrows. After you obtain the first two teddy bears and exit the room, you should enter the next room on the opposite side of the one you just left. Go towards the end of the room and take the stairs to the left until it takes you to a more significant corridor. Once here, you want to head to the pathway on your right until you find the area where you can see the Throne Room with a pool table. 

Once you reach this area, head straight to the path opposite the Throne area until you find a poster saying “Protect Yourself” hanging on one of the scaffoldings. Go right of this area and head straight until you find a table under small wooden stairs. The Dirty Old Teddy Bear should be alongside a Paint Bucket and screwdriver.

Comrade Chubs, Quantum Bear, and Lil’Ginger Snuggles

You can find these Teddy Bears in Camden Park, which is on the bottom left area of the map. You will enter via the Parking Lot and head towards the central region. When you enter the Park near the Rollercoaster, a Comrade Chubs should be on top of a machine directly from the entrance.

Once you turn the corner, there should be a Ring Toss booth with three Teddy Bears hanging on as prizes. These are another Comrade Chubs, a Quantum Bear, and a Lil’Ginger Snuggles.

Bubblegum Bear, Bumble Bear, and Radbear

You can find these two Teddy Bears in Knife’s Edge, which will have some hostile mobs. You can see the stuffed toys in an unmarked dilapidated shack behind the back of the area. The rundown hut will have a broken jeep with a corpse in the driver’s seat nearby, which will serve as a landmark. The bears will be on the shelf of the shack, which you can only access by jumping. There should be multiple stuffed toys, including a Bubblegum Bear, a Bumble Bear, a Radbear, a Quantum Bear, Comrade Chubs, and a Stuffed Grizzly. 

Imported Chinese Panda and Stuffed Polar Bear

The next set of bears can be found in the Palace of the Winding Path near Knife’s Edge. Once you enter the area, you need to head towards the towers made on top of the water. Go to the highest one, and you should find three Teddy Bears stacked on each other. These are the Imported Chinese Panda, Stuffed Polar Bear, and the Stuffed Grizzly.

Pristine Teddy Bear

This one is in Charleston Station but can also be found in other locations. Once you enter the main door, the Pristine Teddy Bear should be on one of the benches inside.

Teddy Fear

The last one should be in Bolton Greens, which you will need lockpicking skills to enter. Once you enter through the main door, you want to go to the third floor via the first set of stairs you see. Upon reaching the 2nd floor, you must go left and climb the next stairs. On the third level, there should be a door as soon as you climb up. Go to the bathtub inside the bathroom, and Teddy Fear should be on top of a nearby table. 

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