Riot Games Reveals Yuumi is Getting A Rework

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Riot announced that they are working on reworking one of the most loved and equally hated champions that have ever seen the Summoner’s Rift, Yuumi. Ever since her release in 2019, Riot has struggled to adjust, balance, and re-balance Yuumi, because of her strength or lack of weakness. However, they did not reach an optimal form for the cute cat champion and hence decided to give her a full rework.

About Yuumi

Yuumi is arguably the easiest champion, rivaled only by Sona regarding how accessible the champion feels for new players. Any champion can be played differently at different game levels and might feel different based on how likely your enemies are to take advantage of your mistakes. Still, some entry-level champions hit a cap regarding how much the plays decide the faith of the game or not. Unlike other champions accessible to new players, Yuumi can simultaneously be played at an entry and professional level.


Bop ‘N’ Block (Passive)

Yuumi’s passive ability is to restore her mana and gain a shield by using a basic attack on the enemy. You will have to detach yourself from the champion you are on to do this, becoming vulnerable to enemy attacks, but once you get back on your champion, you will give them your shield to protect them.

Prowling Projectile (Q)

Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile is a single-target missile that deals magic damage and slows the enemy if it travels for longer. When attached to a champion, you can slightly control the missile’s direction with your mouse to chase the enemies with it. However, this might be problematic depending on the champion you are attached to and whether your ally will be considerate towards your attack.

You And Me! (W)

You And Me! is the ability that will allow you to attach yourself to your allies. The more you level your W, the more you will increase the adaptive force for yourself and the ally you’re currently attached to while being attached to someone. You will also need to use W to detach yourself from allies or to jump to different allies when needed and if in range.

Zoomies (E)

Yuumi’s E is a heal that also boosts the movement speed. You can use it for yourself when you’re not attached or for your ally when you’re attached to them.

Final Chapter (R)

Yuumi’s ultimate ability, Final Chapter, is a channeled ability that will deal seven rounds of damage and root the enemies that get hit by three or more of these waves.

Reasons to Love Yuumi

Besides being a cute cat, Yuumi is excellent as an entry-level champion for players and experienced players since she can be played very well at higher levels. Another reason to love Yuumi is that regardless of winning the lane or not, you will be able to impact the game by deciding to attach to an already-fed ally, making him even stronger. You generally don’t have to worry about your positioning, and with a decent ADC, you will win most of the lanes.

Reasons to Hate Yuumi

Many ADCs don’t like playing with a Yuumi support as she is weak early game. Even though you will occasionally receive heals and movement speed from her and some good poke on the enemies, you’ll be the only targetable player on your lane, so all of the enemies’ damage and cc will fall onto you. Especially in lower elos, this can lead to many situations where the ADC is left behind, and by the time Yuumi gets strong in the mid and late game, she could decide to attach to a stronger ally. Yuumi also has a very strong scaling, so losing the lane against her might feel like losing the game for your team.

What to Expect in Yuumi’s Rework

Riot does not want to change Yuumi completely and still wants her to be an entry-level champion. However, they are working on designing solutions to address the lack of counters for when Yuumi is attached, but they are committed to preserving her core gameplay. Riot wants to bring Yuumi in line with other enchanters regarding her main weaknesses: targetability and fragility. They also think directly linking her success with winning the lane, “making her skills easier to dodge, and less powerful on highly mobile characters.” Riot also promised to bring further updates about the progress on Yuumi’s rework as they have more to share later in 2023.

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