How to Play with Friends on Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge

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If you’re here then you are no doubt already playing the Action RPG, Path of Exile, which is currently on the 3.16 Scourge League update. You might also be wanting to know how to play with friends on Path of Exile? Aka How to Play Co-Op! Well, Look no further! You’re in good hands here as in this guide, I will be teaching and telling you “How to Group up in PoE?” I will even teach you “How to Make New Friends in Path of Exile!”

I have played Path of Exile for many years, right from the start back to Path of Exile beta. Finding friends and playing with them can be tricky but there are many ways you can both play with your existing friends on PoE and also Find New Friends in Path of Exile too!

Let’s start With How to Add Friends on Path of Exile.

To add your existing friends on Path of Exile you will need to open the Social Screen. You can do this on PC by pressing the ‘S’ key by Default or by going to and clicking on the Menu button in the bottom left corner of your screen next to your Life and Flasks.

Once inside the Social Screen, you can simply type in your friend’s character name and send them a friend invite for them to accept.

To play with existing Friends you already know and have added on Path of Exile again open the Social Tab, right click on their name, and click ‘Invite to Party’.

Once in a party, you will be able to join each other by left-clicking the little blue portal icon on the left-hand side of the screen by their character portrait.

If you go back into the Social Screen and click on the ‘Current Party’ tab and then at the bottom of that page click on ‘Party Options’. Here you can set the Item Allocation Mode and even if there is Default Level Downscaling.

How to find and make new friends on PoE?

There are several ways to make new friends and find allies to play with on Path of Exile so I will cover as many of them as possible here in this guide.

One of the easiest ways is to simply talk in the Global Chat channel. Ask if anyone wants to party up. State your level and what areas or maps you would like to run if you have any preference. This is the best way I found to make new friends in Path of Exile. You run with them for a while, chat at the party by typing % before your message then send them a friend request if you enjoy playing with them.

To send a party request to someone in a chat channel you can right-click on their name and then send them a party invite.

It is hit and miss and you won’t always get along with every player, but I have found the majority of the Player Base on Path of Exile to be friendly and helpful – At least on PC that is.

You can also type /global and a number. For example /global 1 or /global 2 to join different global channels if you are struggling to find players to play with.

Another way is to join a Guild on Path of Exile. Again, you can use Global Chat to ask if any guilds are recruiting players. It helps to state your level and how often you are actively playing. When in a guild you can type & before your message to chat with guild members.

If you are higher level and wish to make friends in PoE you can also offer to help lower players, give them free rushes, and so on. This is one way I myself made a lot of friends on Path of Exile some years ago.

Find Players on Forums

This is still not the only way to make new friends in Path of Exile though. You can also join the Official Path of Exile Discord Server here. There are many channels here to make new friends in. All the way from PC and MAC Players to Xbox and PlayStation. There are also dedicated channels for Recruiting Guilds, Trading, and much more. So it is also a great place to make new friends in Path of Exile.

There are still more places to make friends on Path of Exile! Yes, we have a whole internet out there! But first, let’s stop off at the Official Path of Exile Website Forum, which you can find here.

Here there are various forum sections such as the “Community” section which has various sub-sections such as Communities and Guilds where you can browse or post in order to find new friends to play with on PoE. The Forums also have sections for trading too. I have made friends on Path of Exile previously through trading with players, although this is harder than the other methods above.

There are also the Steam Community Discussion Forums if you play Path of Exile on Steam. Simply navigate to the Community page for Path of Exile or click here and make a post titled something like “Looking for friends to play with”. Write a post introducing yourself, your character type, character level, what time zone you are in, and what hours you usually play then keep checking back for replies.

Then there is Reddit! While I don’t use Reddit much myself it is also a great place to connect with other people and players, so it will be another good place to make friends on Path of Exile. You can find the Path of Exile Reddit (r/pathofexile) here.

Enjoy Playing PoE!

These are the best ways I’ve found of making new friends to play with on PoE / Path of Exile. If you have any other ways then please do let me know in the comments section below. Or if you have any questions then please feel free to also drop a comment in the comments bow below! Please keep checking back for more useful and helpful Path of Exile Guides here on the PlayerAuctions Blog!

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