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PoE Crucible Consoles
By | April 12th, 2023 | Categories: Path of Exile

Path of Exile’s Crucible League has been live for several days now, and many gamers have been enjoying the expansion so far. The latest update has seen the active players skyrocket according to the latest statistics. However, console users have yet to experience the intricacies of the new mechanics. Fortunately, Playstation and Xbox players can play the new Crucible League very soon on their accounts.

When Will PoE Crucible League Come to Consoles

While the Crucible League has been available since April 7 (PDT), not every platform could play right away. The initial release was only available for PC and Mac users, so console players could not participate in the first few days of merriment. Fortunately, the release of PS4 and Xbox is not that far, so gamers can soon check out the latest expansion. Here is the release date for the Crucible League for consoles:

  • April 12 8:00 PM (EDT)
  • April 13, 8:00 AM (GMT+8)

Players should note that the downtime for the console release will occur around three hours before the patch. If you still have some unfinished business in the previous League, then you should wrap things up before the maintenance. 

What You Should Know About the Crucible League

The latest League introduces the Crucible mechanic, which will allow players to take their weapons to newer heights. Players can discover various forges throughout Wraeclast that will allow Exiles to channel the powers of the ancient Titans. Gamers should be prepared for the process is not without danger as hundreds of molten monsters will try to disrupt you. If you do manage to succeed in using the forges, you will be given access to various skill or vendor passive abilities for your weapons. 

Aside from the new League mechanic, there are also tons of other changes being introduced to the game. These things include a new set of Unique items and skill gems. If you are one of those people who likes to collect named weapons and equipment, then you should check out the following:

New Skill Gems

  • Quickstep
  • Snipe
  • Vaal Animate Weapon
  • Momentum Support
  • Vaal Ice Shot

New Unique Items

  • Blood Price
  • Bloodnotch
  • Soulbound
  • Stormseeker
  • Tainted Pact

It should be noted that these are not the only new changes to the game. There are also some overhauls to the Breaches and Abyss features. There will also be some improvements to the Saboteur and Pathfinder Ascendancies. The Atlas Passive Skill Tree will also get a new feature called Gateways that will allow players to access nodes at the opposite end without any connecting skills. 

How Good is the Crucible League?

Path of Exile’s Crucible League is turning out to be one of GGG’s most successful and popular releases in recent years. While the previous Forbidden Sanctum did find some degree of success compared to its predecessors, this expansion has seen a dramatic increase in active players based on recent statistics from Steam Charts.

Path of Exile has allegedly hit around 321,189 concurrent players, which is a far cry from the game’s average of 50,000 per League launch. While the hype around the Crucible update has died down a bit, the game still maintains around its average player count. Some have attributed the increase in people trying out Path of Exile to the post-beta feelings that Diablo IV has left. 

Support the Crucible League

If you find the new expansion enjoyable and want to receive cool and awesome cosmetics, then you should consider supporting Path of Exile by buying the latest Mystery Box. Similar to the Sentinel and Kalandra rewards, the Crucible Mystery Box will contain tons of cool items like thematic variations and other microtransactions. Here are the two variations that you can get from the game:

  • Crucible Mystery Box – one random prize + Crucible theme
  • Crucible Mystery Bundle – five Mystery Boxes + Crucible Theme

What you get from the boxes is completely random, and the list of things that they might contain is impressive. These rewards range from cool armor cosmetics to awesome character effects. Here is the content of the Crucible Mystery Box:

  • Thunderstruck Body Armour
  • Scourgestruck Body Armour
  • Thunderstruck Helmet
  • Scourgestruck Helmet
  • Thunderstruck Boots
  • Scourgestruck Boots
  • Thunderstruck Cloak
  • Scourgestruck Cloak
  • Engineer’s Bronze Body Armor
  • Engineer’s Cobalt Body Armor
  • Engineer’s Bronze Helmet
  • Engineer’s Cobalt Helmet
  • Engineer’s Bronze Gloves
  • Engineer’s Cobalt Gloves
  • Engineer’s Bronze Boots 
  • Engineer’s Cobalt Boots
  • Engineer’s Bronze Prototype
  • Engineer’s Cobalt Prototype
  • Topaz Crystalarium Boots
  • Amethyst Crystalarium Boots
  • Sapphire Crystalarium Boots
  • Quartz Crystalarium Boots
  • Ruby Crystalarium Boots
  • Suspicious Rock Pet
  • Suspicious Sandstone Rock Pet
  • Suspicious Sulphur Rock Pet
  • Suspicious Azurite Rock Pet
  • Suspicious Gold Rock Pet
  • Planetary Orb
  • Eldritch Planetary Orb
  • Void Emperor Planetary Orb
  • Fire Ant Colony Pet
  • Radioactive Colony Pet
  • Golden Ant Colony Pet
  • Solar Paladin Portal Effect
  • Lunar Paladin Portal Effect
  • Crimson Paladin Portal Effect
  • Mage-Hunter’s Energy Aegis
  • Mage-Hunter’s Amber Aegis
  • Mage-Hunter’s Violet Aegis
  • Navali’s Coin Purse
  • Cadiro’s Coin Purse
  • Sin’s Coin Purse
  • High Templar’s Coin Purse
  • Botanist’s Back Attachment
  • Botanist’s Frenzied Back Attachment
  • Botanist’s Powerful Back Attachment
  • Determined Wildlife Aura Effect
  • Disciplined Wildlife Aura Effect
  • Graceful Wildlife Aura Effect
  • Malachai’s Demise Rare Finisher Effect
  • Saqawal’s Fate Rare Finisher Effect
  • Kaom’s Desire Rare Finisher Effect
  • Purifier’s Swordstorm Rare Finisher Effect
  • Chayula’s Grasp Rare Finisher Effect

If you are keen on playing the new League on console, then you should consider getting the Mystery Boxes. Check them out once the expansion goes fully live on both Playstation 4 and Xbox. Make sure to download the patch right away after the maintenance.

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