Getting Your Ranged Cape Fast: OSRS Chinning Guide

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Without question, the most tedious of the combat skills to train in old school Runescape is Ranged. Your damage creeps up more slowly than Magic skill, and you have to use consumables unlike the Melee combat skills – it’s the worst of both worlds. However, it’s also one of the most highly sought after skill capes, partially for the high-level perks you can achieve for PvE combat, partially for the sweet looking equipment you can acquire for it, and partially because of how difficult it is to train. However, there’s a shortcut most players might have heard rumors of for fast-tracking your high-level Ranged training up to 250,000 exp per hour – Chinning. What is chinning? How do you use it effectively, and how can I achieve my 92 to 99 in less than a month? This week, I’m writing an OSRS Chinning Guide: everything you need to know to get your Ranged Cape fast.


So what is Chinning? Well, Chinning refers to using Chinchompas (a members-only ranged equipment item which does area damage) against a specific type of enemy (skeletal maniacal monkeys) to get huge experience per hour. Maniacal monkeys are found in Kruk’s dungeon, which you can only access if you have completed, at least in part, the Monkey Madness II questline. These enemies are chosen because of their low defense levels and tendency to swarm, allowing you to hit many at once. Red Chinchompas are an expensive but highly useful animal you throw as a ranged weapon, which damages multiple enemies in an area. The idea will generally be to swarm as many monkeys in an area in front of you as possible to damage as many as possible at once, doing high damage to many enemies at once and providing an unparalleled experience.

There are a few other things you should have heading into this undertaking. Prayer potions and the ability to use Protect from Melee will be useful for low-level defense players, but if you can withstand the damage for a long duration, using a range prayer boost will perhaps be preferred because it will level you faster. Your decision is up to you. You’re also going to want some ranged potions and food. The reasoning here is pretty obvious and depending on how many prayers you use and for what, you can mix and match these items as you like. If you can afford it, fill as much of your inventory with potions as possible. Lastly, you might want a greegree, which will prevent enemies from aggroing you as you travel through the game.


Good ranged gear is a must, and you’re free to mix and match your loadout to suit yourself, but I recommend these:

  • Helm: Zamorak or Robin Hood Hat
  • Body: Black dragonhide or Third Age
  • Legs: Black dragonhide or Third Age
  • Shield: Zamorak or Guthix book
  • Gloves: Black dragonhide or Barrows
  • Boots: Ranger boots
  • Cape: Zamorak, Guthix, or Ava’s Accumulator


Now as for the training itself, you’re going to be heading to the Ape Atoll tunnel. There are many ways to get there easily, but the most straightforward is to tele home to Lumbridge, head to Al Kharid, travel to the Grand Tree, speak with Daero and then Waydar, head to Crash Island, and finally speak with Lumdo to go to Ape Atoll (which can only be accessed when you’ve completed Monkey Madness I). Whew. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, and there is a teleport you can gain from completing Recipe for Disaster. Once it’s been done once or twice, you’ll remember it forever. Now, once you’re on Ape Atoll, the entrance to Kruk’s Dungeon is found to the North West corner of the island, in the jungled area West of Marim. It’s underneath some jungle grass in the trees. It’s very near to the glider area, look for some vines on the ground and the entrance is tucked in near a tree.

Once underground, you’ll want to turn on your run and your protect from melee and run as fast as you can to the south-central tunnel on the second basement level. An important consideration is that the tunnel is collapsing, so you’re trying to travel to a place where monkeys are still aggro toward you, but where you can stand underneath a “safe” area, where you are covered by the ceiling from falling debris. There are a couple located throughout the tunnel, but my favorite is north of the large open area north of the open tunnel area. You’ll see the top of the cavern cover your player and know you’re in the right place.

Now, the trick to effective chinning is to keep the monkeys aggro toward you as much as possible and to keep them in front of your character. In this area, it’s easiest to run back and forth from the south-western-most safe tile to the north-eastern-most safe tile. This keeps the maximum number of monkeys aggro toward you, and keeps them in front of you. Attack the central monkey at all times.

Another important tactic is to move the bones and prevent them from stacking. If monkey’s die on the same square, the bones will drop and stack, and the only one can respawn at a time. To prevent this, you may want to periodically pick up and drop the stacked bones on a different square to keep the maximum number of monkey’s respawning for you at once.

Monkeys may, at times, stop being aggro toward you and simply leave you alone. To address this, simply run into the adjacent section of the tunnel until you reach more monkeys, get them aggro toward you, and then turn around and run back to your preferred spot for chinning.


That’s it! With this method, you can achieve up to 300k exp per hour with maximum prayer bonuses and ranged bonuses, and closer to 200k or 250k if you’re relatively afk, perhaps not optimizing your time as effectively as you could, but watching your favorite show on a split-screen or something. One way or another, this should take you from 92 to 99 in less than a month if you’re an avid player – and certainly, it’s the fastest way to a skillcape no matter what kind of player you are. I hope you’ve enjoyed my OSRS Chinning Guide.

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    1 pray guide would be dope

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    Looking at the gear, isn’t void knight with ranger helm the best? I know it got nerfed from 20% to 10% but it should deal more damage still unless you have aramadyl set I’m guessing. Also there’s elite void ranger gear which is 12.5%.

  3. Rejay Peresi June 26, 2018 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Pretty good guide. Although there were some things left out that could improve xp, overall this is a pretty solid guide to get 99 range fast.

  4. Rejay Peresi June 26, 2018 at 2:10 am - Reply

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    Remember to chin only when servers are stable… I lost about 2k black chins because servers DC’d….

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    For 1 prayer pures, The north eastern crab island is a place one can chin without needing protect from melee. It is less efficient but pretty much the only viable option.

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